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Too much pulled pork - HELP!!!


I overcooked for a neighborhood barbecue. Did four 7-pound Boston butt roasts and we didn't even go through one.

Two of the four have been pulled/chopped and the other two are whole and in the fridge waiting for inspiration.

Got any good recipes? Otherwise I'm going to start vacuum sealing one-pound packages.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. I wish I had this problem right about now!
    Depending on the flavor of your sauce, and provided that the meat is soft, pulled pork can make a nice filling for dumplings (again, depending on flavor you could add some fresh scallion and/or ginger).
    Or you could "doctor" the flavor more toward Mexican and make tacos, adding some hot peppers and/or cabbage salad to the taco (I would stay away from cheese, avocado or tomato, considering what you are starting with).
    Sliced pork in a wrap with cole slaw also sounds good to me.
    Finally, how about chopped pork over egg noodles?
    It's a little bit harder to make suggestions without knowing how tender/saucy the pulled pork is, and how you've seasoned it.

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      Thanks, V-Cubed,

      This was a straightforward rubbed roast recipe that I hickory-smoked for about 24 hours. It all fell off the bone beautifully (if I do say so myself...shameless self-congratulations...apologies where needed)

      I have NOT sauced the meat, though I do have, on hand, a homemade BBQ sauce and had whipped up a vinegar/brown sugar/ hot sauce recipe that went over poorly....I think it's brilliant and it was the basis for the cole slaw I provided.

      Thanks go out to Steve Raichlen for the inspiration.

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        Sounds delicious, Monch. Good luck with it!

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          Since you haven't sauced the meat, I immediately thought of stuffed bell peppers; chop the meat a little, add some rice, celery, onions and bake.

          Also, stuffed cabbage. Perhaps you could use your vinegar/bs/hot sauce to cover the cabbage before baking instead of a straight tomato sauce --- your sauce sounds good to me! (Oh goodness, what a wonderful problem to have:~)

      2. Not sure this will help get rid of that much, but I LOVE eggrolls with BBQ filling. Pulled BBQ pork, maybe a little cheese, wrapped and fried in a wrapper - so good! Dipped in a little spicy ranch I'm hungry just thinking about it.
        My other thoughts -quesadillas, top a bbq-ranch salad, some carnita tacos, make an asian bourbon sauce and serve with some rice or noodles, slice into a lo mein, or toss into a stir fry. Unless you have like 30 people in your immediate family I would keep those freezer bags handy, but I think you can definitely get some meals out of it now.

        1. I don't know if you added a rub or other seasoning to it, but I had this problem a couple of yrs ago. I remember making pork enchiladas w/ my leftovers. Just fill corn tortillas w/ pork and sauteed onions & some salsa verde. Place seam side down in a baking dish and top w/ more sasa verde & cheese(Monterey Jack, Queso Fresco, etc). Bake in a 400 degree oven for 10 mins. or until heated through & cheese is melted.

          You could also make a bolognese sauce w/ the pork. Add some cannellini beans for a little added something.

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            I have the eggroll shot in my bag.

            The Mexican is something I would not have considered.

            And the bolegnese is a FANTASTIC idea! Thanks.

            There will definitely be many vacuum bags in the freezer, but these ideas inspire me.

            Thank you CHers! I KNEW I could count on you!

            (Oh, and keep the ideas coming.....this is a LOT of pork)

          2. Make tostadas or tacos.... I love mango salsa with mine:

            fresh mango
            tomatoes (green, red, or tomatillos)
            red onion
            lime juice
            jalapeƱo pepper

            1. i read the words over and over again, but i can't make them mean anything

              "too much pulled pork" - nope still don't get it

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                Actually DID "laugh out loud".

                Thew wins for post hilarity!

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                  thew, right on, right on!

                  i love the bourbon sauced idea over noodles. egg rolls stuffed with bbq. pulled pork on a whopping green salad with really fresh cukes, jalapenos and green onions, with a homemade buttermilk ranch dressing on the side. taquitos. carnitas. (gosh, i love carnitas, esp. crrrispy!).

                  try thai spicing, like on the steak salad: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/fl...

                  from europe, add some german, austrian or hungarian ideas (i'm thinking sour cream, onions, with egg noodles or spaetzle) http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,1628,...
                  if you sliced some, you could do rollups with a stuffing and a pickle, like rouladen.

                  back to asia: one of my favorites: pork badun http://www.bigoven.com/38731-Sri-Lank...

                  white chili with chunks of smoked pork butt? nearly heaven. http://southernfood.about.com/od/croc...

                  i am utterly envious of your situation, btw. sure you don't need to send any via cold pack to arlington, va?

                2. We'll quite often have it on a tossed salad. Something similar to a Cobb salad. It's great.
                  You can also make a BBQ ranch dressing with ranch and a tangy BBQ sauce mixed 50/50.

                  Enchiladas are easy as is refrigerator soup/stew/skillet, whatever your inspiration comes up with.

                  Just keep in mind that a whole ton of BBQ in the freezer should do you nicely over the winter.


                  1. pulled pork pot pie
                    Fried pies
                    moo shu pork
                    black bean or pinto bean soup
                    stuff cannelloni shells
                    cuban sandwichs

                    1. I like a pulled pork bowl with the following ingredients:
                      pulled pork
                      shredded lettuce
                      fresh tomato/cilantro salsa

                      It is very refreshing, delicious and healthful....

                      1. I always make an extra pork butt, and use it to make Brunswick stew, instead of chicken. I have used it as a filling for burritos and tacos, and runsas, too.

                        1. Freeze the pulled/chopped pork in portions appropriate to your family size; wrap them well (I like to wrap first in wax paper then foil, both tightly wrapped to squeeze out the air). Cut up the whole butt roasts into manageable chunks, maybe into quarters, and wrap tightly and freeze. Cooked pork freezes well but I don't think it keeps a terribly long time--it develops an off, funky taste that I believe is is from oxidation of the fat in it. So try to use it up within two months or so. Probably need to have a couple more parties!

                          1. Two ideas:
                            (1) Pulled pork spaghetti - use your BBQ sauce and the pulled pork and serve with regular spaghetti noodles.
                            (2) Pulled pork ice cream - use your favorite vanilla recipe, and blend in a little pulled pork and some sauce just before the ice cream is finished. (This is not as gross as it sounds!)

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                            1. re: ricepad

                              "This is not as gross as it sounds"

                              Exactly how gross do you think it sounds then??


                              1. re: Davwud

                                Let's put it this way. When I made it, only about 3 out of about 30 people to whom I offered it were even willing to try it. All three, however, liked it. Everybody else, tho, seemed horrified at the idea, and some made disgusting wretching noises.

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                                  I'd try it. We used to put french fries in our sundaes at McD's.


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                                    I consider myself in the top (or bottom depending on perspective) ten percent AND have an ice cream maker.

                                    I'm up to the challenge and will even use my homemade BBQ sauce.

                                    I'll report back with the results!