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Jul 6, 2008 06:40 PM

Cafe Goodfellas

Possibly my favorite Italian restaurant out of many in the New Haven area. The food is always excellent, service is tops and the movies provide a fun atmosphere. Much better than Tre Scalini in my opinion.

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  1. i didn't mind goodfellas. Low key kind of place. last time I went which was April. Just very dirty. Carpets dirty. bathrooms dirty. Seats sticky. Maybe its the first time I noticed, but I noticed this past time. I think it's important to keep the front of the house clean otherwise I start speculating on what the kitchen looks like ...

    Peasant food Italian? elizabeths cafe in Madison.

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      Any other thoughts on Elizabeth's Cafe in Madison?

      1. re: zoe p.

        I went there for breakfast one morning and it was nothing special. The coffee was awful and I was expecting something different but it wasn't.