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Jul 6, 2008 06:36 PM

Beginning to Panic....!

We are from North Carolina and will be getting married September 22, 2008 (it's a Monday..eeeee) in San Francisco and are trying to determine if our picture perfect place exists for our after ceremony events. There will only be 10 people as we are having a destination wedding so it is easier to fit us in places.

Our perfect place includes great food (including mussels), a lively atmosphere, and dancing (if at all possible). Our budget is about $100 dollars per person (if we can spend less we would like to).

We would also really appreciate suggestions on where to buy a moist wedding cake.

I know these are great expectations but come on we hope to only get married once. :)

Please send any suggestions!!! Thank you!

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  1. No need to panic. Plenty of time.
    First thing that comes to mind is Bix - jazzy music not sure it's that danceable -- also not sure about the mussels, but they can accommodate. Next up: get ready, the Tonga Room at the Fairmont, polynesian kitsch, fun, music is danceable, and the food I heard is on the mend -- no mussels? You'll get tons of other suggestions!

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    1. re: Sarah

      When I think mussels I think of Plouf.
      September nights outside can be very nice. Can Belden Place do small weddings?
      Here is a current link to special cakes.

      1. re: Sarah

        I love the idea of Bix. The food may not be the absolute best in the city, but if creativity isn't the most important criterion of the evening (and it shouldn't be--your marriage should be!) then the food is more than adequately delicious. The space makes me feel like I'm in an old Hollywood romance, so even though there's no actual dancing it has the feel of a ballroom. You could always cab to a place that does have ballroom dancing for after dinner drinks. Top of the Mark?

        Plouf is a fun restaurant, but several notches down in formality and much smaller. A group of 10 would feel quite cramped there unless they have a private area/room that I haven't seen.

        It would help to know your aesthetic preferences because each bakery tends to have its own look even if it's customizeable to a certain degree. But Citizen Cake makes delicious cakes; I had a lemon cake with strawberry filling years ago at an anniversary and it's still one of the few party cakes that's ever made me open my eyes wide and say "wow!"

        1. re: Pei

          I also think Bix is a great suggestion. Absolute no to Plouf. Yes, they have mussels, but it's insanely crowded, really uncomfortable, and bomb-level noisy.

          A friend just had a mussels dish she liked very much at Petit Robert.

          Hmm, there's music and dancing at Top of the Mark...every day except Monday. Tonga Room is a good suggestion for dancing, but I'd check the hours the band is playing. Also, they're very frequently closed for private parties. Call ahead. I think the band is hilariously, laughably cheesy mahself. May not have the "class" level you're looking for unless you're kind of into kitsch.

          1. re: Atomica

            Oh, I think after a number of mai tais, the lilting strains of Creedence from a raft in the midst a tropical storm isn't that cheesy!

            1. re: Atomica

              Tonga Room is Fairmont, not Mark

              1. re: ola

                Didn't mean to suggest that Tonga Room was at Top of the Mark. It was already mentioned above as being at the Fairmont.

            2. re: Pei

              Our cake needs are pretty slim after the moist request. Clean lines and delicious are what we would love. Thanks for your suggestions.

              1. re: Janiedoe111

                Citizen Cake will fit the bill nicely, then. I think most of their cakes are plain cubes. Plus, I'm newly enamoured of Citizen Cake owner Elizabeth Faulkner after a wonderful evening at her other restaurant, Orson, this weekend (for desserts and cocktails). You could also consider that space for your celebration in terms of lively and fun, though there will be no dancing and I'm not sure about the mussels.

                  1. re: Atomica

                    But she is related to Faulkner. He changed the spelling, she didn't. Or at least that's what I've read.

          2. You might find this thread helpful too, about private rooms:

            1. I know that this isn't in San Francisco, but if you're willing to trek across the bay, the first thing that comes to mind are the mussels in pernod at A Cote (Rockridge, Oakland) which has a really lovely heated patio/back garden that's romantic and intimate, but yet still lively enough. And for $100 per person, I would say you could probably order lots and lots of food and drinks.

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              1. re: liujenny

                That's actually a wonderful idea -- A Cote is a really romantic place, and their food, cocktails, wine and dessert are all great. You can head back to SF afterwards for dancing.

                You should also contact the restaurants that you're thinking about to ask them about bringing a cake -- many of them likely have cake cutting fees, or special rules about bringing the cake. If you do go to Oakland, La Farine bakery is right down the street from A Cote and they make great cakes.

              2. I agree with some other folks that eating at one location and dancing at another will probably be easier to arrange. You'll be dressed up - the Starlite Room at the Sir Francis Drake would be fun and is walking distance or short cab ride to a lot of restaurants.