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Jul 6, 2008 06:36 PM

Holidays 2008 in Orlando

I have guests coming for the holiday from overseas. Can you recommend any good restaurants or new years eve celebrations for Christmas/New Years? Thank you.

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  1. Call today, get 7pm reservations at California Grill in Disney. Amazing food, better view.

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    1. re: jadea3

      I absolutely agree with California Cafe. I had my wedding reception there and it was glorious watching the fireworks from the restaurant!

      1. re: jadea3

        No offense, but what's the point of seeing the fireworks go off at Disney at 9pm if midnight is what NYE is all about? Sure, the food there is fine, but just doesn't seem like the NYE place to be.

        1. re: Corporate_40

          Good point.......I just get all excited about the place. Good memories and all.

          1. re: Corporate_40

            On NYE Disney does a fireworks at midnight (at both epcot and magic kingdom). California Grill has a $500 per person special priced event for that night.

            Hint: on Dec 30th Magic Kingdom does a special unannouced preview of their new years eve fire works at 11.45 pm, it's not on any schedule and employees aren't suppose to tell people about them. Last year they had the preview on the 28th nd 29th as well. It's a great way to see the fireworks and not have to fight the traffic nightmare that occurs every year on NYE.

        2. On nye if you really want to go all out, the Ritz-Carlton usually has a big deal going on, plus they also have a kids party so that the adults can enjoy the evening alone but in the same complex as their kids. The Gaylord Palms also teams up with the Orlando Opera to have a gala on NYE.