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Jul 6, 2008 06:35 PM

Fish Market in Ellsworth ME or surrounding area?

We're spending a long weekend with friends who have rented a house in Sullivan ME. We are charged with cooking dinner for a 15-20 people and thinking of doing grilled bluefish. Any recs for a good fish market in the area?

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  1. Dunno about bluefish but try Grindstone Neck in Winter Harbor - www. or 1-888-831-8734. Carl Johnson, who runs a fish smoke house and a restaurant in Winter Harbor is selling fresh seafood from his smoke house in Winter Harbor. Last I saw he had great halibut, coho salmon, flounder, etc. Give him a call. He might be able to get in some bluefish or, in fact, suggest some other great stuff.

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      We know Carl--thanks for the suggestion.

    2. Pectic Seafood, long established in Halls Quarry on MDI, just opened a huge store with cafe on Rte. 3 in Trenton:

      1. There's also a wholesale place in Ellsworth that might be of some help. Maine Shellfish. 207-667-5336 or 800-666-5336.
        Got to check out Pectic Seafood, Mainegal. Thanks.

        1. Sorry. Grindstone Neck's number See my 1st post) is 1-866-831-8734 not 888.

          1. Blue fish is rare up here. Above posts say it all, but Ellsworth Shellfish does not retail. I live here and get frustrated w/ the difficulty of finding variety and fresh fish.

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              Actually, our friend who lives in West Gouldsboro suggested going to Hannaford in Ellsworth--is their fish any good?

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                The fish at the Hannaford in Bar Harbor is not so good, though I don't know about Ellsworth.

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                  Ells. Hannaford, has good fish, but not fresh off the boat fresh. I don't know if this is still possible, one used to be able a couple of years a go to meet the 2 Bar Harbor ground fishing boats ant the town landing on Fridays (They go out on Mondays.) and buy fish fresh off the boat.