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Fish Market in Ellsworth ME or surrounding area?

We're spending a long weekend with friends who have rented a house in Sullivan ME. We are charged with cooking dinner for a 15-20 people and thinking of doing grilled bluefish. Any recs for a good fish market in the area?

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  1. Dunno about bluefish but try Grindstone Neck in Winter Harbor - www. grindstoneneck.com or 1-888-831-8734. Carl Johnson, who runs a fish smoke house and a restaurant in Winter Harbor is selling fresh seafood from his smoke house in Winter Harbor. Last I saw he had great halibut, coho salmon, flounder, etc. Give him a call. He might be able to get in some bluefish or, in fact, suggest some other great stuff.

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      We know Carl--thanks for the suggestion.

    2. Pectic Seafood, long established in Halls Quarry on MDI, just opened a huge store with cafe on Rte. 3 in Trenton: http://www.pecticseaffood.com

      1. There's also a wholesale place in Ellsworth that might be of some help. Maine Shellfish. 207-667-5336 or 800-666-5336.
        Got to check out Pectic Seafood, Mainegal. Thanks.

        1. Sorry. Grindstone Neck's number See my 1st post) is 1-866-831-8734 not 888.

          1. Blue fish is rare up here. Above posts say it all, but Ellsworth Shellfish does not retail. I live here and get frustrated w/ the difficulty of finding variety and fresh fish.

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              Actually, our friend who lives in West Gouldsboro suggested going to Hannaford in Ellsworth--is their fish any good?

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                The fish at the Hannaford in Bar Harbor is not so good, though I don't know about Ellsworth.

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                  Ells. Hannaford, has good fish, but not fresh off the boat fresh. I don't know if this is still possible, one used to be able a couple of years a go to meet the 2 Bar Harbor ground fishing boats ant the town landing on Fridays (They go out on Mondays.) and buy fish fresh off the boat.

            2. It's ok, not thrilling, but... Always lots of Farm-Raised Salmon, sometimes Artic Char, always haddock either fresh or FAS, that kind of thing. Sometimes they do get great fresh swordfish. You might want to call and see what they could do for you - special order or whatever for that many people. 207-667-5300. Do think you'd get better quality through Carl Johnson who is always eager to be helpful. Might have some good ideas for feeding your hoardes.

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                I sent him an email but have yet to hear back.

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                  When is this event?
                  I'll stop in and tell him to check email.

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                    Friday. Tell him it's the guy who grew up in Thailand that liked the painting of the school kids in NE Thailand that hung in the hallway of the B&B.

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                        Yikes, close. Try calling -- 207-963-7347. He (Carl) seems to be there, at the smokehouse, in the morning, but has great people even when he's not there who will surely take a message.

              2. Did you solve this? Forget to mention that Tibbet's Seafood has moved from Milbridge back to Pigeon Hill Road - about 2 miles up. They're pretty limited, but if you need reinforcements.

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                  thanks, we have a camp off 182 on Tunk Lk. and visit Tibbet's often.

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                    She said that the overhead in Milbridge was too much, so went back to the original place. When I was there, they were just getting started but looks like she'll be having pretty much the same inventory. Haddock, salmon, crab meat, lobster, crab legs, etc. Mr. Tibbet's had just arrived with clams! It's before you get to Country Charm so don't despair if you think you've gone too far.

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                      Do you come up for summers or live year round? What town(s)?

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                        Now May to October. Gouldsboro near the Winter Harbor line. Moved from NY to Yarmouth to be closer. Love it so much. You're Bar Harbor in the winter?
                        BTW, August 11th, Bill Thayer from Darthia Farm will be playing with his jazz group at Tidal Falls.

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                          Thanks, will try to make it. No I live year round and teach in Ellsworth, work as a sea kayak guide around BH for the summer, used to live in SWH and N Haven Island, spent long time overseas.
                          To the Topic. There is a fresh fish wagon on High St in Ellsworth, next to Irvings.
                          Hve you tried Chester Pike's Galley fpr break.? Lobster or Chester Benedict, best corned beef hash I know.

                2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions--we ended up at Pectic Seafood, which had a small but very fresh selection of fish. No bluefish, we ended up making Jasper White's Portuguese-style chowder with chourico, haddock and hake. BTW, they had garlic scapes, which we added to the stew. They also carry a number of refrigerated items--we found Duck Trap salmon ends for $10 a pound--a bargain!