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Jul 6, 2008 06:21 PM

Allergy subs for baking and cooking?

I am allergic to soy, gluten and dairy products from cows(but can have goat). I love to cook and bake, but have trouble with the dairy substitutes in things like puddings, custards, etc.(things that set up). Goat and coconut milks just don't work well. Does anyone have any advice?

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  1. are you allergic to nuts? if not, have you tried almond milk? that's a good option. so are walnut, cashew and hazelnut milks.

    rice milk is another good option depending upon the recipe

    here's a great link to making your own alternative _______ milk...

    haven't tried them myself, but there are quinoa and oat milks as well.

    vegan sites are going to be most helpful excluding the soy based recipes.

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      thanks emme, nuts are still ok - will start experimenting.

    2. How about Agar based recipes? There are several chinese pudding recipes using Agar, they tend to use evaporated milk, but you can probably sub in goat milk instead.