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Jul 6, 2008 06:14 PM

weekday breakfast in Brooklyn near cruise ship port?

Am lloking for a good weekday breakfast place to go after picking up arriving passengers @ the port. It'll be early in the morning, and return traffic to CT will be killer, so we thought grabbing a nice breakfast in Brooklyn would be ideal . . . but seems like most recos are for wkend brunch . . . hoping chowhounders can help! thx

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  1. Where in Brooklyn is the dock? The Brooklyn waterfront is huge and most areas near the water in Brooklyn are pretty industrial, but inland there are several great neighborhoods for food.

    1. It is not fancy but the cafe in the back of Fairway is great because you get to sit outside and see the the Statue of Liberty, etc. But it is not a leisurely breakfast with waitress service, you order and take your food outside on trays. It is very close to the cruise terminal and has parking.

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        love Fairway suggestion! will report back wherever we end up going

      2. If the weather's not too hot and you don't mind self serve, I 2nd the suggestion to eat at Fairway. Otherwise you'll need to leave Red Hook since the only option I'm aware of, Hope and Anchor, doesn't open until ~11am.

        Dizzy's on 9th St. and 8th Ave in Park Slope opens early and does great bfkt. but it's probably a 10-15 minute drive (with current Hamilton Ave road construction going on) which you could google map. There's probably options on Smith or Court St. in Caroll Gardens, which would be closer, maybe someone else can chime in.

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          10-15 minute drive is definately acceptable, and Dizzy's sounds great . . . so, would you send a friend to Fairway or Dizzy's? Do you know if Fairway gets swamped when ships come in, or are most cruisers unaware of Fairway? thx!

        2. Hope & Anchor in Red Hook is perfect.

          1. Le Petit Cafe (502 Court Street) is a charming place that has a nice breakfast menu, and is pretty close to the port.

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              Le Petit Cafe is a great choice I forgot about that place.
              When I lived in that area it was one of the only places open at 6 or 6:30a. Very good coffee and really nice atmosphere. I think it's a better option than Dizzy's under the circumstances. Hope and Anchor doesn't open until lunch on weekdays. Fairway won't be crowded on a weekday mornings but it's self service and a little disorganized.

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                Was going for Fairway, based on proximity, and coz I've had good steak dinners on UWS but never breakfast, but now am totally sold on Le Petit Cafe - Coffee & early opening further pluses. Thanks to all!

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                  Two more Cobble Hill thoughts:
                  Miriam (on Court) and Bar Tabac (on Smith) are both open for weekday breakfasts.