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Jul 6, 2008 05:25 PM

Help! Girlfriend needs patio at yonge and eg

my girlfriend wants to celebrate her birthday with her girlfriends on a patio around yonge and eg. Males not invited. I get to celebrate on her actual birthday with her. What cab you suggest. She would prefer good food to bar type good. Any ideas? There would be approx 10 in total.

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  1. There's a patio in the back of Summit House Grill at 40 Eglinton Ave. East with the mix of food you're looking for. Sorry tried to look up phone number and it doesn't seem to be listed so maybe it's no longer there.

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    1. re: mexivilla

      Summit has been boarded up for quite a while.

      1. re: Degustation

        Summit became the "Midtown" - I went there last summer. Humongous patio and restaurant. But empty and the food was not the reason to go there. The patio can seat over 100 people. Not sure if it is still open.

        1. re: Westwardho

          It's closed. Too bad, because it was the best patio in the area (I never ate there in its Midtown incarnation, but the food at the Summit was decent enough - not amazing, but the patio made up for it).

    2. I can't think of any back patios in the area off the top of my head, but Five Doors North has a small patio on Yonge (they may have a back patio as well). Next door is Mariachi's and they have a street patio and a back patio. Spacco has a huge courtyard patio that would probaly be a lot of fun for a group of girlfriends, though I recall the food being "meh" the only time I went (which was a few years ago).

      1. Try La Coquine, just south of Yonge & Eg. They have a side patio on Manor, so it's not right on Yonge. Food's good and not too stuffy.

        Here's a link to recent discussions:

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          Ooh, good call on Coquine (no "La" in the name, BTW :) ) Totally slipped my mind, but a great spot if the girlfriends are a bit more sophisticated (i.e., it's not a place I'd recommend if the ladies want to get drunk and loud).

          1. re: TorontoJo

            I was going to suggest Coquine too. Also, Grano has a really lovely courtyard/terrace-type patio with a fountain out back. It's a bit less rollicking than Coquine though, so depends what your GF and her friends have in mind.

            There are lots of other places between Davisville and Lawrence with front patios, but (aside from the fact that they're noisy and unatmospheric) you'd probably have a hard time getting a table for 10.

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              Je m'excuse -- je suis retournées de Mtl and I'm still in French mode...;-0

          2. Granite Brewery at Eglinton and Mt Plesant. Very nice patio in back.

            1. I agree with the Grano reco - excellent choice. If they're younger and want to be amongst younger folks, I believe Spacco has a large outdoor patio, but Grano has way more character... Haven't been to Coquine, but I hear it's great - might be a little bit conservative if the women are younger. Around Yonge and Lawrence there are some patios... I've been going to Gamberoni for 20 years. A sweet, tiny patio at upper rear of restaurant with tiny white lights draped on the wood walls. They might even be able to occupy the entire patio for the night if they reserve - it's that small. Excellent food. I would suggest if they're considering it to check it out first to make sure there is no disappointment. Definitely not a scene, but quaint and great, reasonably priced food. Let us know what she does...