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Jul 6, 2008 04:46 PM

Memphis - decent food around Graceland?

My DD and I are headed to Arkansas next week for a mission trip and will be landing in Memphis a while before the rest of our group gets there. So we plan to pick up the van and head to Graceland. We arrive on a Saturday.

Any thoughts on a good spot to grab lunch near Graceland or easily accessed between the airport and Graceland? BBQ would be great, but anything good would do.


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  1. Catfish Cabin (very close to the airport) serves very generous portions of fried catfish with all the fixins and sweet tea that lets you know that you're in Memphis. For BBQ, the original Interstate BBQ isn't too far out of your way. They're a Neely family restaurant, and they make some of the best in Memphis. I've heard good things about Marlowe's BBQ near Graceland, but I've never been.

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      I disagree about Catfish Cabin: the one time I went the fish was oily, a little fishy, with a crust that didn't adhere well to the fish, and while it wasn't overpriced per se, I did leave feeling that I'd gotten ripped off (compared with finer, similarly-priced offerings at Soul Fish or Leonard's). I haven't been back, which is a shame as it's ridiculously convenient to my work location.

      Sadly, the area between the Airport and Graceland is a culinary wasteland, with the possible exception of Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken at 3633 Millbranch Rd, and At The Bistro on Brooks Rd. if you want a pretty good soul-food lunch. The remainder is chain fast-food, school cafeteria home cooking, garden-variety Chinese, and tourist traps. The aforementioned Marlowe's, which I've heard good things about, is only open for dinner.

      One of these days I ought to try some of the African restaurants in the neighborhood.

    2. Just south of Graceland is Marlowe's. It is about 2 miles south on Elvis Presley Blvd. They have good ribs, burgers, pub grub, and Hunka hunk apple pie.

      Less than half a mile south of graceland is a Piccadilly Cafeteria. This was (ELvis father) Vernon Presley's favorite place to eat.

      Just north east of graceland is the Italian Rebel Pizza at 1636 WInchester.

      There are very few Elvis favorites left. None are near Graceland. Coletta's on South parkway (Italian). Leonards BBQ on Fox Plaza Drive in east Memphis, and Broadway Pizza on Broad Ave near Overton Park.

      I hope you have fun visiting Graceland!

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