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Jul 6, 2008 04:12 PM

Baltimore: Habor East happy hour

We are going to see a movie and want recs for the best happy hour at Harbor East. Any suggestions for drinks and food specials appreciated.

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    1. re: ronandaim

      RA Sushi has a pretty good happy hour with prices between $1 - $4 for sushi & drinks

      I think that Tsunami has a good sushi happy hour as well.

      Taco Fiesta has a happy hour every day from 5-7pm with drink specials & free salsa & chips. Fridays it's free w/free burritos, quesadillas & enchiladas.

      1300 Bank St, Baltimore, MD

      RA Sushi
      1390 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD

      1. re: miller_time

        Thanks for the suggestions!

        We ended up going to RA Sushi and they do have really good happy hour prices. We were there for about an hour, had several drinks, sushi, potstickers, and wings for just under $30.

    2. Some other Harbor East choices for those of you planning a visit during happy hour:

      Amicci's - Long the least expensive of Little Italy's restaurants, this cozy place opened a bar in the last year that is a friendly, intimate neighborhood joint. Ron is a fine bartender, and the specials are, well, special. $2 beers, $3 glasses of wine, and I'm afraid I cannot recall the mixed drink discount. But the true stars are the happy hour appetizers. Priced at $5 each, you can get what must be a pound of mussels in red (good) or white (better) sauce, the best fried calamari I've had anywhere, caeser or garden salad, or tomatoes with mozarella. Worth a visit.

      Babalu Grill - This homage to Desi Arnaz is kitschy but nicely done. Two mojitos or margaritas for $5 can't be beat, although the mojitos could have been more flavorful. The best thing here was a $5 ceviche, also the best I've had anywhere. It was served in a cup made from plantain chips and (oddly) over a bed of mashed potatoes. (Or were they mashed plaintains?) Anyway, it was fresh and delicious. The spring rolls were good, too, and not the least bit greasy. It's a shame the place has been almost empty both times I've been.

      Ram's Head Tavern - It's been more than a year since I've been here, so someone please post an update. Last I checked, good homemade brews for $2 and a revolving selection of free happy hour food. And we're not talking pretzels, here. Each day is a different special, ranging from mussles to sausages to carved beef. A very good value in a very casual setting.

      Blue Sea Grill - More upscale than the others, the ambience here is very nice, and the food is quite good. The scallop appetizer is the standout. Although I was underwhelmed by the lobster mac and cheese at the time, somehow I craved it later. Go figure. I can't recall the prices, but they weren't much more than the other places.

      James Joyce Pub - I may be the only one who just doesn't feel this place. $8 for a Guiness or a glass of house wine seems high to me for happy hour. Is it worth it for the bricks and mortar that were brought over from Ireland? The Irish accents? Maybe to you, but not to me.