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Jul 6, 2008 04:08 PM

Coming out about my Starbuck's schadenfreude...

When I saw that the 8th St & University Pl. Starbuck's had closed, it was such a revelation. Could the evil empire finally be scaling down? Was our economy finally taking this kind of effect even on the giant faceless conglomerates? I felt badly for the nice people I met the one time I went in (when my espresso machine died and I had minutes before going to the airport). They'd lost jobs and that I don't celebrate for anyone, but the corporate entity itself always rankled with their pricing and demeanor as destroyers of small coffee shops everywhere. It's refreshing to not see their containers littering the area. It must've helped business at Oren's, who always put out a way better cup. Now if we can just do something about Staples and get some Mom & Pop stationers back....

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  1. Been happening slowly for a while.

    The store on 3rd across from JG Melon closed at least two years ago.


    1. yes, i just read, this past week, that they are closing 600 (i think) stores across the US, and they are dramatically scaling down on the new openings. So far, none of them have closed on the UWS but I did see an "undergoing renovations" sign on a Columbus and W80s location. Kind of surprised to see that given the problems and i doubt they are misleading customers. Perhaps this location is creating their supposed new vibe.

      here's a comparable article on their downward spiral:

      the article i read stated that, when folks should have been drawn into the store by the great coffee aroma, they instead were smelling burned breakfast sandwiches. so, as this article states, their unsuccessful attempts to develop a variety of ideas, beyond coffee, to bring in customers have sealed their fate. this article states they are now offering a cheaper coffee. not sure this will help. people are simply turned off by the whole thing at this point.

      i'm shocked to hear that the 8th and univ location has closed. what will replace all these abandoned locations if a fair amount of them begin to close? the UWS is already a ghost town with all the other closings. i can't imagine what will happen up here if we added the starbucks abandonments to this given there's approximately 6 locations per half mile radius.

      i, personally, hate the concept that their smallest cup is called a 'tall' when it looks really small and costs tall!!!!

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        Interesting....I noticed they opened a new one on Broadway somewhere around 87th or 88th recently. Very close to their old location on 86th that's now a North Fork Bank, which I think was one of their first stores in the city. I won't comment on their coffee, but it's nice to see a storefront on the UWS filled with something other than a bank these days!