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Jul 6, 2008 04:07 PM

All American Drive-In (Massapequa)

Wanted to love it. Great place, great tradition. Mobbed with Little Leaguers on 4th of July weekend. The double double cheese burger sounded great. Indistinguishable from the twin arches. Then again, you don't get more American than Mickey D's.

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  1. I don't know where the place is you are talking about, please elaborate. Anyway, this weekend we had fun; very good cheeseburgers and Root Beer Floats at the A &W Drive In(with an outdoor seating area) in Lake George.

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    1. re: EIF1lady

      Sorry-AADI is in Massapequa Long Island and is apparently a local institution.

      1. All American- in Massapequa on Merrick Rd is an institution- it is not a chain lie A&W. Personally, the hamburgers are okay, but the hand cut French Fries are the best- beats any hamburger chain and makes it worth going to. The milk shakes are awesome. It is always crowded- but the lines move fast. As far as supporting Mickey D's- I rather support the mom and pop places-now that is American! -this is what our country was founded on

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        1. re: Eileen

          I agree! great review in a Hamburger Today, that echos this sentiment

          1. re: MrPhil

            Excellent article. AA is an institution for a's great. The food, the place, the all works. The fact that it's been the same food, location, and family for all these years makes it all the better. It shows they care about the place, and for that I am a loyal customer. About 10 minutes south of the office, and everyone around loves it, too. I hope they're around for many years to come.

          2. re: Eileen

            Agree that the fries and shakes were superior. Just not sure you could differentiate the burgers from McDonald's in a blind taste test.

            1. re: Eileen

              I agree wholeheartedly. I'm not a big fastfood fan--I like bar-style burgers better, but those French fries at AA are stupendous.

              And I don't do chain restaurants--in *any* shopping experience, if I can do it at a mom&pop, I will.

            2. funny you posted something. I was just thinking of the place -- All American is the BEST!!! Burgers are great, fries are the best ever. I am not a big milkshake person -- sorry.

              It is worth the ride.

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              1. re: sugakc69

                i just don't get it. I am not saying their burgers are bad. its just that they tasted exactly the same to me as McDonalds. Do i like Mcdonalds? well, sort of, i mean it isn't gourmet, but it does give you some sort of fixation that you crave. But in the grand scheme of things, Mcdonalds and All American stinks for the quality of burgers. The fries though are something of perfection. I don't think there is a fast food place elsewhere in Long Island that has fries that taste that good. Only Fries that i have had better may be at Waterzooi.

              2. Are the burgers broiled or fried? Is this a place where you sit inside, or only for takeout?
                Absolutely loved Bigelows Clam shack, is this another not to be missed Nassau county spot?

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                1. re: janie

                  Hi Janie: I have been a regular at A.A. for over twenty years. That being said it is a contoversial place. The burgers are "fast food" style,whatever that means. It is griddled and though not hand formed it is served moments after being cooked. It is no Shack or Luger burger. The bun is right from the plastic bag and the cheese is processed food product. Despite all that it melds together perfectly and the whole is greater then the sum of its parts. Go double double, it has the best meat to bun ratio. I have friends who swear by the place and others who think I'm crazy and the burger is no better then Mc Donalds. The star of the show are the fries. At off hours you can see a guy sitting on a box hand peeling potatoes and then putting them into an individual french fry cutter that has to date to the 50's. They double fry and the end product is as good a fry as you will ever eat. I get a large and small fry order. Milk shakes are to thick to drink through a straw so I rest it on the car hood to expedite the melting process. They have a couple of tables outside hard by Merrick Road, I eat in my car. Prices are cheap as my regular order is a double double,small cheeseburger, large fry,small fry and small coke, for $7.11. I would suggest you wait till you go to Jones Beach or a nearby south shore beach and then hit the place as it is just off the Wantagh Parkway.

                  1. re: stuartlafonda

                    Hi Stuart, Thanks for the very visual description, you convinced me. Next time we go to Jones Beach, will head there, and will definitely make a return trip to Bigelows for more of that chowder to take home. We just got to get over this awful summer chest cold that has now plagued my entire family!!

                    1. re: janie

                      Not a bad side trip to or from Jones Beach, that's for sure. I've done it from Glen Cove in the past- and it's worth the trip, especially if I can make a pit stop for some shopping along the way.

                      I agree that the burgers are stylistically in the same ballpark as McD's, but they are definitely the better of the two, and you definitely could tell them apart if they were side by side. They probably won't blow you away, but they're tasty.

                      The A Hamburger Today review didn't seem to dwell on the fries- as has been said over and over they are truly special (especially considering the price). If you can get there just check out the 'real estate' devoted to making them- the entire left side of the cramped food preparation area is dedicated to the fries operation alone- and it becomes clear why almost any other fast food joint would just say 'nuts to that' and go with frozen. It makes a big difference, though, and they've got it down to a science. I do the same as Stuart, and get the large plus a small. I figure it's the 'main' reason why I'm there, after all.

                2. Count me in as an AADI fan. We love it. The lines move super-super fast, the food is consistently good and decently priced. A lot of times I feel I'm getting ripped off at McDs.

                  Shakes are amazingly good as are the fries and the onion rings.

                  I agree with Eileen - any time I can support a local place (LI Cheeseburgers, AADI, etc) I over a chain, I do.