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Bulgogi Hot Dog-Seoul Food?

So even though I'm still pissed about losing Bruno Bakery (don't even mention Zito's or I'll start to cry), I'm waiting for this New York Hot Dog and Coffee place to open on Bleecker that serves ...wait for it...bulgogi hot dogs and other Korean/American mutants!. Now if you are a fan of chili dogs then why not bulgogi dogs? Sort of a cross between a steak and a hot dog sandwich. Sounds good to me. I'm scouting for the opening. Now that's what I call Seoul Food.

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    1. you've seen that guy in the lower east side who sells kimchi hot dogs and also bulgogi? not sure if he's still around, but on late weekend nights, I've seen him there. good stuff, the kimchi-topped hot dog

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        Yeah but this is a hot dog topped with bulgogi! Bleecker and Leroy

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          I don't know if that guy is still around. I've spent many a Saturday night searching for him in vain.

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              Please post the cross streets for this stand. I'm in the UES but will come down for it. Is he only around at night? Does he have tempura skewers also?

              1. re: diablofoodie

                Southeast corner of Stanton and Ludlow Streets, Lower East Side
                Hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, after 11 pm

                BUT I'm fairly certain he's been MIA for some time.


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                  This is possibly the saddest news I've seen this month. Much more tragic than Will Smith killing his puppy in that zombie movie. If anyone knows of any other Seoul Food carts, please post.

            2. It is definitely in the tradition of great Seoul Food. The last time I was there - perusing and sampling various street stalls - I spied a bizarre variation of a corn dog, only with the hot dog covered on all sides with french fries. Kind of looked like Sideshow Bob on a stick.

              We could definitely use some more Korean street food in NYC.

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                There was a bulgogi hotdog stand at the street fair near South Street Seaport on July 4th. They were sold out and packing up already so i didn't get to sample any. The Korean girl told me they'd be at the street fair the next day On 33rd and 6th ave, or something like that...I didn't make it the next day, but it seems that they can be found at street fairs, so you might already have part of your wish come true.

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                  I saw this stand at a street fair on 6th Ave in Midtown on July 5 I think it was. There were two girls shouting "Bulgogi hot dogs! Bulgogi hot dogs!" It was a rainy day, so it was a pretty sparse street fair and there were no takers when I walked by. I'd just had lunch, so I wasn't hungry, but I looked, and they just looked like bulgogi on a hot dog bun.

              2. oh my god, bruno bakery closed down?? the one on laguardia?

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                  He might mean the location that used to be on Bleecker, which I think closed last year.

                2. please keep us posted re seoul street food. i am very interest. never tried it before but i am a big korean food lover.

                  1. This is the website: http://www.newyorkhotdog.co.kr/ . Despite the link on the top, I don't think there's really an English section.

                    The only thing they're missing is french-fry covered deep-fried hotdogs.

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                      funny; this looks more like a korean-based franchise for "new-york" style hot dogs. can anyone give a translation? perhaps this is the coming of the next pinkberry/redmango wars.

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                        I just assumed this is either what Koreans think NY hotdogs are, or these are simply some of the favored styles of hot dogs in Korea and they call it "New York Hot Dog" because of the shop's location.

                        Some more pics found by Googling, which really look a bit more fun than the ones we'll be getting on Bleeker. But maybe we can make special requests?


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                          this is hilarious. gotta try it.

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                            Wow. That looks like a heart attack on a stick.

                      2. Ill def be looking for this one!

                        1. Just walked by the site. They're still building out. I guess I'll keep waiting for my bulgogi frank.

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                            Walked by today and they're open. Tried the Bulgogi hotdog and it's delicious. Pickles, lettuce, hotdog and bulgogi. The hotdog is a little spicy and the bulgogi is sweet. You can get a reg. version and a spicy version.

                            1. re: lanadai

                              OMG! I was so excited when it opened. The place is zenlike. The bulgogi spicy hot dog was sublime. I can only compare it to Ben's Chili Bowl in DC which is the greatest chili dog in the nation but the sweet Korean beef bulgogi on top of the spicy beef sausage hot dog held together by the otherwise superfluous lettuce and the added crunch of the pickles is truly unique. I'm hooked!

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                                Hey Hotdoglover! Would love to get your review on the bulgogi dog.

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                                  I don't know if I would like this dog. I'm more of a bare bones guy who likes to taste the hot dog itself. I think the barbecued meat (bulgogi) would interfere or clash with the hot dog's flavor. And while Sabrett is a very good quality dog, I saw a picture of the bulgogi dog on another site. It's skinless and looks like it's been either steaqmed/boiled or prepared on a roller grill rather than grilled or griddled, which I prefer.

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                                    > I'm more of a bare bones guy who likes to taste the hot dog itself. I think the barbecued meat (bulgogi) would interfere or clash with the hot dog's flavor.

                                    Totally appreciate your perspective, and I always enjoy your posts here and elsewhere. Me, I like the occasional chili dog, and this sounds like a Korean take on it: chopped seasoned meat over a frank. I'll probably give it a try sometime.

                              2. re: lanadai

                                Had the bulgogi and the chili cheese dog - both spicy. They're about $4.50 a pop. The dogs are on the big side, so it's tough to finish two (and I'm usually able to put away a couple "regular" hotdogs.) I saw them open the package for the hot dogs and they are skinless Sabretts. Overall, pretty damn good. I would pay a bit extra if on the bulgogi dog, they'd use kimchee instead of the lettuce and bit of pickle. Man - now that would be amazing.

                                They also sell some waffles and of course, frozen yogurt. Haven't tried either of those yet.

                                1. re: captkenjeroo

                                  I tried the bulgogi dog yesterday, spicy. Very tasty, although I'm not sure it's something I would ever crave. It was $4.99 plus tax, which seemed like a lot at first for a hotdog but it's VERY filling. I too find the lettuce superfluous and would rather have relish than thick slices of pickle.

                                  It seems that you can order just the bulgogi or just the kalbi on a bun, but there's no price for this...they'd better be stuffing it full if it's the same price! I read somewhere else (seriouseats, maybe?) that the kalbi/chicken dog wasn't good but that might be more about the chicken dog. They were giving away free samples of the kalbi which looked yummy...that might better as just kalbi on a bun.

                                  So far the place is attracting lots of curious people but from my quick glance around the room, the rest of the people who actually ordered were other Asians. A couple people just came in to look at the giant wall-sized photos and left.

                            2. I've had this a few times now. The hot dog is a good quality hot dog, and the "Bulgogi hot dog" is a hot dog with bulgogi on it, along with a sweet pickle, and some lettuce. I didn't think the pickle helped any, and it's a lot of meat.

                              I prefer the spicy bulgogi hot dog with kimchi, which all fits together much better.

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                                Just revisited and had it "Your way", i.e. hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us, add the bulgogi and kimchi and make it spicy. Liked it a lot but thought that the kimchi (and I love kimchi) overwhelmed the sausage and the sweetness of the bulgogi. I'll stick with the regular bulgogi hot dog.