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Jul 6, 2008 03:53 PM

vegetarian slow cooker recipes?

anyone have some good ones?

i've made some chilis so far and had one ill-fated artichoke attempt. the easier the better; i keep seeing recipes online that involve pre-cooking and i'm looking for some chop it, dump it in kind of stuff.

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  1. Eggplant chunks, quartered onions, quartered garlic cloves, ground black pepper, capers, diced tomatoes, granulated garlic, red peppers, oregano, & lil' veg broth...

    Served over couscous or creamy polenta with some good soy cheese blended in...

    1. Lentil stew: about 2 c. dried brown lentils, chopped garlic and onion, celery and carrot and big can of tomatoes. Add water or broth...bay leaf....and after cooking all day, you can throw in chopped greens and leave to cook till wilted. I often use baby spinach , you only really need to stir it in and it wilts. But also have used slivered kale, swiss chard, etc depending on what's in season. You can also add chopped fresh parsley instead.
      Serve soup over short pasta, rice, couscous, etc. (or on its own) and top with either parmesan, romano, feta, crumbled goat cheese if you eat dairy.
      It's a very forgiving recipe and always comes out well!

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        yum! thank you for the recipes guys.