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Jul 6, 2008 03:47 PM

Arielle in Rhinebeck?

Any report on this new French place?

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  1. According to my friend who ate there when they just opened, the food was good. (sorry that I cannot be more specific, but I do plan to find out by going there pretty soon!) It is the same owner as Belvedere Mansion on Rt. 9.

    1. My husband and I had dinner there last night. The decor and feel of the room is wonderful and our table was cozy and very comfortable. Our server was very friendly, attentive and knowledgable although the service was a bit too fast paced for my taste...for example, our table was immediately approached by the bus boy and server before I had my coat off and sat down...tap or bottled water offered and poured before I was even in my seat...and entrees came the second the appetizers were cleared. This was not a busy night, the tables were not full and there was no wait for a table, so this was probably just an over eager staff and not a rushed and pushy one.

      The food was mediocre to good. Appetizers started off good, the sauteed artichoke hearts with lemon-caper yogurt sauce were crispy, tender and delicious. The beet & fennel salad with goat cheese was fresh and very good. The entrees were a disappointment. We had the roasted salmon with parsnip puree and brussel sprouts which was just bland and boring. We also ordered the Steak Frites... the steak was undercooked and delivered luke warm to the point that the herb butter medallion resting on top did not melt into the steak. The steak knives that we were given were not sharp and made things more difficult than should be. The frites were crispy, delicious and plentiful if a bit too salty.

      For dessert, we had the apple tart tatin with ginger cream which was presented to us lukewarm. I couldn't detect any ginger flavor...again just bland and boring. The pot of english breakfast tea that I ordered never steeped and was undrinkable...I'm guessing that there was either too much water in the pot for the amount of tea in the tea bag or the water wasn't hot enough and was not poured over the bag when prepared.

      We left somewhat dissapointed. I'd like this place to be good since it is such a nice dining atmosphere. We may give it another try but would have to hear some positive feedback from others first.

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        Also agree that we wanted it to be wonderful, but unfortunately, that ends with the atmosphere. Pricey to boot.