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Jul 6, 2008 03:23 PM

Ted and Honey (red deli space)

A new place called Ted and Honey has opened up where the Red Deli used to be, next to Cobble Hill Park on Clinton. They have sandwiches with nice ingredients like La Quercia prosciutto, as well as salads and baked goods, and free wi-fi.

Anyone tried it yet? I walked by and the space looks nice, but I had just eaten so I didn't try anything.

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  1. Haven't tried the sandwiches yet, but we stopped in for a coffee and muffin. What we had was very good. The coffee comes from D'Amico (it's apparently a custom blend), and the baked goods were nice and fresh -- I'd be surprised if they weren't baked on premises, but I didn't ask.

    We'd been missing the red deli since it closed, so it's great having this place open. I hope they'll do a good business being right next to the park.

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      We also had an [ice] coffee which was fine. The turnoff for us was the line, which was somewhat long and slow. I know they're new, but they definitely need to work out some of the kinks.

    2. I've had two different egg sandwiches (avocado-tomato-cheese; redneck wrap w/ grits, ham, cheese) and both were delicious and reasonably priced. As a nearby neighbor, I'm rooting for the place to succeed. Their line of non-breakfast foods, mostly sandwiches and salads, looks interesting. Also, good coffee as mentioned.

      1. So glad there I can go back to picking up a sandwich and eating in the park. I also noticed that Cafe on Clinton has a sign about "Mommy and Me" boxed lunches by Marc Elliot. Anyone know what that's about?

        1. Now that this place has been open for a while, what do people think?

          I've only stopped by once, but my impression is that the food is good, but the value is terrible. The portions of both the baked goods and the salads are miniscule. I haven't tried the sandwiches, so perhaps you get more for your money there, but both my scone and my lunch side salad were teeny tiny.

          And the service is sort of off (though I've found that to be the case with most of the "indie" coffee shops and cafes in the neighborhood...honestly, the nicest people are at Starbucks, much as I hate to say it).

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          1. re: briochebun

            I think you hit the nail on the head. I went back a few times since my original post. Food was O.K. but the service at times is disorganized (which leads to a long line) and the prices are not cheap nor were their portions overly generous. A few lemonades and an egg sandwich shouldn’t take over 10 minutes to make. They have had a good two months or so to get the kinks out and they’re not there yet IMO. The Café on Court & Warren (Margaret Palca maybe?) is a bit more competent with a menu that’s just as adequate.

            1. re: MShapiro

              I tend to agree. I live 1/2 block away and was anxiously awaiting T+H's opening. The goods are good, no question about it - the baked goods are very good, particularly the home made pop-tarts (yum). I'm particular about my iced coffee - I haven't liked D'Amico's in the past, but I like T+H's a lot. And the Niman Ranch Sausage/egg/cheese I had this weekend was very, VERY good. Cost is a factor - yeah, everything seems to be 1-2 bucks too much. Abovementioned sausage/egg/cheese did, of course, have top of the line breakfast sausage, but it's just an egg, just cheese and just a roll. I had to try it, and it was better than I'd do at home, but at $6 I don't know that it's THAT good. $2.75 for a not-even-20-oz iced coffee is also too much.

              I do see the service being a bit scattershot - have to ask a 2nd and once a 3rd time for a relatively simple order (2 already-prepared items, 1 coffee), but I'd rather have scattershot and neighborhood-friendly than laser-sharp and emotionless/businesslike.

              Here's the thing, though - I just don't find them all that friendly. I'm far from a regular but I have been in there several times, and I see no recognition at all. Other comments here indicate that maybe I'm in I've been in often with my kids, and there's little to no smile, in fact I even get a vibe that they'd like me to get my baked goods quickly and begone with the kids. (I may be completely making this up, but if I'm not - well, we're in Cobble Hill, and parents with young families are a large part of the market.) I guess I'm just not feeling the warmth all the time that should really be there (and, when I chatted a couple of times with the owners while they were getting ready, sounded like it would be. On the other hand, over the last 8 years the Bagel World staff has gone from super-friendly to somewhat ice-cold and borderline rude, so maybe the vibe is coming from me.)

              Bottom line - I'm glad they're there, I wish them well, but it's not quite right yet.

          2. I loved the avocado-tomato-cheese egg sandwich and the value was OK I think but when it's crowded service can be slow. A nice neighborhood spot. I'm glad to have them here.