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Jul 6, 2008 02:54 PM

Providence Chef MC on Iron Chef America

Today Sun, July 6th, 9pm on Iron Chef America Chef Cimarusti vs. Chef Morimoto.

No clue who's going to win but it should be interesting.

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  1. wow, awesome, thanks for the heads up!

    1. Yer guy creamed Morimoto! Well done!

      All his stuff looked very tasty on the screen too!

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      1. To the person who managed to get word to me about what a schmuck I was mentioning who won ICA before it being shown on the west coast. My most sincere apologies.

        Like many, I got very used to coming on here after a Top Chef episode and seeing 44 posts made (that means 44 posts two hours before it was shown on the west coast). So I got very used to that being the norm on this forum.

        Apparently TC is the one exception. I'll do my best to keep in the mind your being three hours behind. Try not to pelt me with rotten eggs if I forget though. But at least I will try.

        I really do feel bad about this.

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        1. re: HarryK

          I was surprised the scores were so low. The judges seem to be very happy with both chefs. Maybe the scores were low because there was one judge who was on for the first time and another who is on infrequently.
          It's unusual for a chef to win with a score in the low 40's but it was a tough ingredient. I hadn't even heard of blackfish before that battle.
          Happy to see an L.A. chef pulled off a win but I think the American judges routinely give Morimoto low scores.