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Jul 6, 2008 02:36 PM

Philadelphia Dinner for 25/Walk to Ritz Carlton

I am hosting a dinner for 25 in Philadelphia and need a good place within walking distance of the Ritz Carlton. Also, a private room would be great and one of my guests is in a wheelchair so it must be accessible for him. Any ideas? I have reservations at Bliss, but still waiting to hear on accessibility.

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  1. if it's not too late you may want to consider Smith and Woletsky's. Even though it is part of a larger chain the food is good and it still has a local vibe

    1. 10 arts in the Ritz is an amazing restaurant and has a stunning private room. The food is excellent and so is the service.

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      1. re: philly123

        thank you - I tried to get into 10 Arts because it looked fantastic, but I received a voice mail saying the room wasn't available. Thanks for the idea, though.

      2. You might try Estia, lovely greek restaurant. I know they have private rooms downstairs and I believe there is an elevator down, although they could no doubt set you up 25 at one of the long tables in the main room.

        I find Bliss to be very cramped, although I've only eaten downstairs near the very loud bar.

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          Estia is great and they may have a private room for smaller parties...

        2. All the steak houses on Broad St (Capital Grille, Palm, Mortons) have private rooms for 25.

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            Indeed, that's the easiest option. Also McSchmick, I assume, has this capacity.