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Jul 6, 2008 02:23 PM

Sushi in North Austin & RR

I usually to to Orgami for good sushi in RR and have been to Beluga (overpriced and just average) but want a change. I would like to try something new. Does anyone know anywhere else that I can go for sushi in RR or North Austin?

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  1. Hayashi Sushi in Georgetown is really good. It's in the Wolf Ranch Center.

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    1. re: lshoes

      Hayashi is now in Cedar Park with their second location. It's on 183A/1431 in the 1890 Ranch shopping center.

    2. I also really like Origami alot but have good things to say about all the following in the northern area...

      Mikado - where Burnet intersects 183

      Midori - 183 at Anderson Mill Road

      Chon Som - Wells Branch Pkwy

      Musashino - MoPac near Steck

      KaProw - I35 near Howard Lane

      I haven't been to Tomo on Parmer Ln but have read good things about it on this site.

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        Tomo on Parmer is the best! The sushi is so fresh, and the chefs come up with interesting ways to prepare it. They always have speciality fish on the blackboards, and are must try if they haven't run out. My favorite in austin!

      2. I've said this in lots of different topics but I continue to sing the praises of Midori at 183 and Anderson Mill. Picked up dinner from them tonight, in fact, and eat there at least once a week. Good sushi, great prices. I'm a huge fan.

        1. Origami, SW corner of 620 and IH 35