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Jul 6, 2008 02:13 PM

Adult (but casual) drinks near Otto

Looking for a nice, adult, casual place, for drinks after dinner at otto. We dont want to walk more than a few blocks (3-4) and dont want to party with NYU students.

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  1. the bar at otto is really good, but vbar is a nice option closeby. it has wine and beer only, not a full bar. it's on sullivan street between bleecker and w 3rd. (despite location it's not a NYU hangout)

    1. Wow, this is harder than it should be. Aside from staying with the bar at Otto (which can be loud and crowded, with little seating), you are going to have to move either North or West to avoid NYU crowds.
      I can recommend Bar Six on 6th Ave @ 12th: Shabby chic french/Moroccan brasserie with a lot of adult/international/intellectual/bohemian types. Or, Cornelia Street Cafe on Cornelia St., just west of 6th ave. near 4th st.
      My favorite option would be Daddy-O on Bedford St. between 6th and 7th. But that may be just outside of the walking parameters you indicated.

      1. For a nice wine bar, try 8th St. Wine Cellar just about a block West of Otto.
        You could also try Angel's Share on Stuyvesant St. It is inside a loud Japanese BBQ place, but once you get into the Angel's Share bar itself it is lovely. It does get crowded though and they won't let you in if there are no seats...

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          i take a lot of dates to 8th street wine bar...its a great place for drinks with friends or something intimate. great wines by the glass and good service.

        2. The Dove on Thompson between 3rd and Bleecker (think those are the cross streets) is a great bar that manages not to attract an NYU student crowd.

          1. The Washington Square Hotel has 2 bars that are both really nice. One is small,straight back from the lobby, and might not be open past 11 or 12. The second is a much larger lounge that, I believe, also serves some food. To get to the second one, you can either go through the back or North Square, or ask for directions in the hotel lobby, as there are a few turns and down some stairs.

            ETA: both are casual