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Mar 25, 2003 11:36 AM

Juan Pollo

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I was out last Saturday night, had a taste for El Pollo Loco, but the local one near me has gone downhill in the past several months. (Editorial: Their salsa bar is always a mess, and they usually make you wait 30 minutes if you want any white meat. Never any explanation, just "none is ready").

So, as I'm cruising down Beach Blvd in Anaheim, I notice that there's a new (at least to me!) chicken in town. Right across the street from a very empty El Pollo Loco.

A place called Juan Pollo, bearing the moniker "Better than charbroiled" (Juan's is Rotisserie style). I also noticed a line all the way to the door. (I bet the manager at El Pollo Loco is chugging the maalox).

Nice folks, clean place, fast service. Not much dining room inside (its a converted old KFC outlet - there's an editorial in itself).

Chicken (IMHO) rivals the taste of Zankou, minus the garlic sauce. Side dishes, well....I'm low carb at the moment, so rice, potato salad or beans can't really do it for me.

But, I must say, the chicken was *very* good.

The Mild Salsa was *very* mild.
I'm glad I got one container of the hot salsa and one of the mild.

Buy two whole chickens, get one free...nice deal.

I guess they're all over the Inland Empire, but this is the first one in OC.

I'll be going back.

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  1. How I miss Juan Pollo! I lived in Upland during high school and moved to LA for school. I agree - El Pollo Loco is definitely not the same. I may have to make a special trip for some chicken. I think this is the only place where I eat the skin on the chicken.

    1. The potato salad is tops!!!

      1. I had this on monday. This chicken is spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! perfectly cooked, like you said tasted better than Zankou.

        1. there's one here in La Mirada on the corner of imperial hwy and valley view. it's a very yummy bird, not very spiced if you like that. the sides are pretty mediocre though.

          1. The sides were terrible. Actually, that rice kinda grew on me.