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Jul 6, 2008 01:39 PM

Toscanini's in "10 Best"

Toscanini's is on Forbes Traveler's "American's Best Ice Cream":

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  1. I'm sorry, that's a "better" source than Cirtysearch or Zagat for what reason now? Toscanini has some interesting flavors, and the ice cream is pretty good, but I think it isn't most people's favorite in E. Mass.For the prices they charge it's rare I even go there any more.

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    1. re: AHan

      Where do you go for ice cream? What are your favorite flavors?

    2. I've been happy enough with Christina's that I haven't been to Toscanini's in years, so I don't feel qualified to compare the two, but I do hate these so-called "Top Ten" or "Best of" lists. They really don't contribute much to the discussion, IMHO.

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      1. re: Blumie

        IMO, most of those 'best of's' are quite biased on whether you advertise with them or not. I pay little attention to them.

      2. Rancatore's in Belmont works for me...but I don't care too much about fancy flavors. I pretty much always get chocolate chip.

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          Gus Rancatore is the guy who runs Toscanini's He also used to run the SomedayCafe in Davis Square.

        2. Folks, our goal here is to share tips on finding great chow. Previous discussions here about the owner's tax issues have not gone well, so that's not a topic we're going to be entertaining at this time, and have removed some posts focusing on that aspect.

          Please feel free to share your thoughts on the ice cream, not the owner's business practices. Thanks.

          1. I agree that 'top 10' lists are a bit silly-- but I'm still glad to see that Toscanini's made it onto the list -- it shows that Forbes' writers did their homework thoroughly. Is Toscanini's measurably better than Christine's or Herrell's or any of the other fine options in the Boston area? Personally I think it's splitting hairs-- they're all quite good.

            But it's nice to see Toscanini's get some recognition anyway-- their quality has been rock solid for decades, and their flavors are clever and addictive. I especially like the 'burnt caramel'-- it's an absolute classic-- other places offer a similar flavor, but nothing matches it. Also, be sure to try the malted chocolate.

            On the downside, their prices are a bit higher than other places.