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Jul 6, 2008 01:26 PM

Philadelphia Chinatown?

I am looking for a good restaurant in Chinatown that can seat 300 - 400 for Dinner with a presentation afterwards. It has to have decent sightlines for a stage. Can anyone recommend some places for me to look at in Philadelphia's Chinatown or anywhere in the area? Thanks

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  1. I'm having an odd reaction to a perfectly reasonable question: in Philadelphia? If yours is not a typo, and you truly are talking about seating 300-400 for dinner, perhaps a Chinese-catered affair at the Convention Center?

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      I am with you on this question! I will be eagerly waiting for the details.

    2. I don't know about Chinatown, but Nam Phuong (Vietnamese) on 11th and Washington Ave. might be able to fit that many. And since it is pretty much one big open room, the sightlines should be pretty good.

      1. most restaurants in chinatown can fit up to 150 people

        1. Thanks everyone who weighed in on this. Okay I will re-set the question. In your humble opinions what would be the largest Chinese Restaurants in Philly's Chinatown or the area? I see that Yang Ming up on the main line can do up to 450, which translates into 250 max in one room, and I am looking at that but still holding out hope for downtown. Thoughts?

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            ocean city (on 9th) has a very large upstairs room with a stage and very good sitelines. i think it may be able to accomodate 300-400. it is a very large room and there are tons of tables, however i've only been there for dim sum (which is good not great).

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              You might check with Joe Poon, who has a catering hall. Do not know its capacity.


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                Many thanks! Ocean City looks perfect. As we get closer, I'll let you know what we're planning!

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                  I agree - the dim sum is very below average. Hopefully the dinner options are better.

                  1. re: FoolForFood

                    Alright so 3 of us drove up from NYC and went to Ocean City today.
                    The Dim Sum was mediocre at best. We ordered a vegetable dish and Kung Pao Chicken as a test, I mean come on, if you can't pull that off right? The dish was white, WHITE, no color, ergo no spice, but mysteriously, no chicken! I fear we may be back to square one here.
                    Any idea how many Joe Poon's catering hall can hold? We walked over there but couldn't tell from the outside and as you all know, it doesn't operate as a restaurant anymore.

                    1. re: CKahaney

                      i'm sorry about that, i haven't been there in a while, but i knew that the space would be appropriate. boo to the hiss that it is so stinky now (maybe it was then, and my memory was just being kind to it).

                      1. re: CKahaney

                        I don't think you are going to find impressive Chinese fare (unless Joseph Poon can cater) for the party of your size.

                        I would look into the banquet hall at the Loews Hotel - I believe it can fit 300-400 and is close by.

                2. This may be a little far-fetched, but my hubby is a member at and they do beautiful catering....maybe its worht investigating.