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Jul 6, 2008 12:03 PM

Driving from Atlanta to Charleston

Can anyone recommend a decent lunch spot approximately halfway between Atlanta and Charleston? I live in San Francisco and don't even know what towns we'll be driving through yet. Any input is much appreciated. I guess I'm looking for bbq or southern food or just not a chain fast food place.

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  1. I hope someone will correct me here, but your best bet is to get to Charleston as quickly as possible and eat there. Unless you want to go well out of your way, and only on certain days of the week.

    1. I just made this drive a couple of weeks ago and I don't recall seeing anything worthwhile, but there must be something in Augusta? or around there? Needless to say, I went without lunch for that very reason. If anyone knows of something good let us know.

      1. Haven't been in a few years now (and I didn't stop as I blazed by just a couple weeks ago), but I've had good meals at Carolina Barbecue in New Ellenton. There are also some good spots, I believe, in Aiken. Guess it depends on whether you're going I-20 to I-26 via Columbia.

        I have friends who grew up in Barnwell, so I've gone via back roads several times (I-20 to Augusta, pick up 278 one of several ways there, take it to 64 in Barnwell, then 64 to 17 near Walterboro). Probably doesn't save any time, but it's a nice drive. There were fields of corn, watermelons, cantaloupe, and okra along 64 mostly the other week.

        Just remember to slow down in Olar. The cops will be waiting.

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          1. i was thinking augusta is halfway. this place got good reviews:,GA/Rest...

            near walterboro are the absolute best boiled peanuts.

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              Sadly, BC Davenports closed. I will be in Augusta this weekend and was encouraged that their may be some chow there after reading your post. I did a search for Davenports and found an article saying they closed. Ugh.