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Jul 6, 2008 11:36 AM

Ingredient in Leawood, KS (and Lawrence)

I've been to Ingredient in Leawood two weekends in a row and have been completely happy each time. Last weekend I had the Salmon BST sandwich with grilled and chilled veggies. Really good. The salmon was nicely cooked and I enjoyed the fresh ingredients. This week I had the Honey Wasabi Turkey Burger, again well-cooked, which I throughly enjoyed. Husband had the Dim Sum Chicken Wrap which was spicy and delicious. The food tasted yummy and fresh and I paid about the same amount I would have spent at Applebee's (if I ever went to Applebee's, ahem...). Next time I may save room for dessert.

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  1. I had lunch there on Saturday. It was not the best experience. The concept is nice. It reminds me of "The Mixx". I think Ingredient is lacking the proper execution of the dishes. Case in point. I had the fish tacos and the cold veggie salad that you wrote about. I thought the flavor was very bland for both dishes. They looked very nice on my plate, they were just flavorless. That could have been an off day, and I will not rule out going there again, but when I am spending 12-15 dollars on lunch, then I expect a certain quality of food that Ingredient did not deliver on this occasion.

    1. It's one of our favorites. We've been to the one in Lawrence numerous times, and have been to the Leawood one a few times now. My absolute favorite is the Crispy Asian Beef Salad. I enjoy the many toppings available for waffles at breakfast too- my favorite combo so far was spiced pears, chocolate chips, and caramelized pecans. My only complaint is that I wish you could get half salads or something- it's way too much food for me. Usually, my husband and I share though, since we can normally agree on something.

      1. Ive been to the Lawrence location and had a pizza and some red pepper soup. Both were tasty! While not cheap, it's yummy and quickh