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Jul 6, 2008 11:35 AM

Lucali's closed for lunch, Grimaldi's line too long, Franny's boring, DiFara mobbed, Tottono's too far...Try Sam's

Sam's on Court. Beautiful pizza, precious place. Owner asked my daughter if she had any money.She shook her head no to which he replied "No money, no lunch." Gotta love it. As the sign says on the wall "Today's special menu:1. Take it. 2. Leave it." All kidding aside, the pizza is in the same realm as John's and Patsy's. So to all the other places mentioned above I say "fogeddaboutit-go to Sam's!"

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      1. re: guttergourmet

        I'll second the Sam's recommendation, but for the rest of their menu as well. Huge fan of the scungili fra diavola, the place feels outdated, but it's part of the charm.

    1. Tomorrow I'm going. What is there to loose?

      1. Honestly, I think Sam's is the most under appreciated pie in the neighborhood. It's really first rate and you can't beat the throwback, one-of-a-kind charm of the place. It's funny I noticed the "special menu" last time we were there and had to laugh. But really, to anyone in Carroll Gardens who hasn't experienced Sam's and it's awesome pizza (all i really get there)--run, don't walk.

        1. about once a year, someone makes a Sam's Chops love post which I enjoy seeing because they honestly have a great pizza.
          Just as a heads up though - while he's usually charming, Louie the owner will occasionally be in a funky mood and is pretty unbearable.

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          1. re: EJC

            Our waiter had unbearable BO last time we went. Not very appetizing.

            1. re: Mr. Particular

              places like this is why "outsiders" "don't get" brooklyn pizza. it's average at best. have at it, "locals", it's all yours.<doing my best zagat quotations>

              but then again, i have never found franny's pizza "too boring" or totonno's "too far".

              1. re: Mr. Particular

                part of the charm too. Not to mention the killer cheesecake (probably the best example of the italian ricotta style cheesecake in existence). I always heard they had good pizza, but not til I tried it did I find out that it's the best in the neighborhood.

                1. re: Mr. Particular

                  Seriously...we had the exact same experience. Not to mention the food--just basic entrees, including soggy lasagna--was awful. We didn't have the pizza though, so I'm willing to give that a try. (Takeout, of course!)

              2. Sams is pretty good. The throwback decor is def. a plus. But I always get mine to go. The crust can be on the thick and chewy side, but overall Sam's makes a decent pie.