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Jul 6, 2008 10:55 AM


Where can I find gooseberries in Montreal?

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  1. I have seen them often at the JTM and sometimes at Atwater.

    1. One of the center row stands that exclusively sell berries at JTM always has them, of course in season.

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        and considering the season is about 3 weeks long good luck! It depends what you need them for, as I've resorted to buying them bottled for a gooseberry & elderflower ice-cream, and a gooseberry fool. I found them at the hungarian butcher (!) on St Laurent, called Fairmount- near La Vielle Europe. Obviously they are sweeter than fresh ones as they are in syrup, but I find them so tart anyway you often have to add sugar. It's also a cheaper alternative...

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          Gooseberry season should be here very soon. Will try to report as soon as I see them at Jean-Talon, and maybe other Chowhounds could try to do the same. Fresh gooseberries are so beautiful.

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            They have them at the Atwater market - since last week.

        2. You can start gooseberry picking at Quinn Farm in Ile Perrot beginning next week

          1. I saw a whole bunch of them at JTM yesterday (Saturday) at one stand specializing in berries.