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Jul 6, 2008 10:49 AM

Big Sky, MT and Yellowstone eats

My family and I will be in Big Sky, MT and Yellowstone National Park the first week of August. We may also travel to the Grand Tetons and Cody, WY. Any food recommendations?
Thanks for your help!

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  1. Just some random thoughts:

    If you're in Cody, go to the Hotel Irma -- especially for breakfast. The green-chile skillet and the biscuits and gravy are top-notch, and the space is wonderful.

    Avoid La Comida in Cody, even though it's recommended by the Roadfood folks. Very ordinary Mexican food.

    I was pleased and amused at the availability of beer, and often local microbrews on tap, in the lodges at Yellowstone (and Glacier National Park). The food isn't memorable, but it's competent.

    In the Tetons, get yourself to the old lunch counter at Jackson Lake Lodge. I have no idea how the food is, but the space is a treasure.

    1. We just got back this past sunday

      Trio in Jackson The best meal we had on our trip, hands down

      The Bunnery was just ok, satisfactory for breakfast

      I wanted to try Jedidiah house of sourdough also in Jackson but ran out of time

      There is great food in Jackson and we didn't have a chance to eat in Grand Teton park but Yellowstone park proper had food so bad we basically lost our appetites. We ate at Grant Lake, Old Faithful Inn, Canyon Dining room, Mammoth Dining Room The best meal in a land of mediocrity was to be found at Old Faithful Inn dining room. Everything was a meat or starch. The main advantage is staying in the park because it takes forever to drive anywhere about 45 mins for 14 miles. Bring snacks. The food was so bad that when we drove through Pocatello, ID on our way back to Las Vegas, we ate at the Sizzler because there was billboards stating that it was the best steak in Pocatello and was the best meal we had since we left Jackson. But you are not there for the food. Lots of chances to try bison, elk, wild boar, and other game. Absolutely a beautiful place I would go back in a heartbeat, but this time I would bring some food.

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        My post, in response to a question, re: The Old Faithful Inn

        In a single word, meh!

        1. re: Sherri

          I totally know what you mean. I had the wild boar with cider glaze. it came overcooked with a HUGE side of mashed potatoes and green beans. The cider glaze tasted like bad chinese sweet and sour sauce but it was the most edible meal we had in Yellowstone. That is not saying much. I did really enjoy the tomato and smoked gouda soup as an appetizer. I could have had that with a salad and bread and would have been more happy.

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          Based on one 2006 experience at the House of Sourdough, you didn't miss anything. Maybe it was an aberration, but it's not easy to mess up breakfast as thoroughly as that place did.

        3. If you’re going to be in Big Sky, I assume you are talking about the W. Yellowstone area not Jackson. There are a lot of places to eat at Big Sky now, I believe. I’ve enjoyed game for dinner at Buck's T-4 Restaurant at Big Sky. For more casual dining, I really like Eino’s, which is just north of W. Yellowstone along the Gallatin Hwy. on the way to Big Sky.


            Big Sky location.

            Too bad you're not close to Ennis. Great meat market with smoked link sausage and buffalo jerky. Now THAT is pretty country.

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            1. re: toodie jane

              This is beef, game and fresh trout country. Everytime I have had a wonderful piece of beef in that part of the country (Jackson, W. Yellowstone, etc.) and inquired as to the source, the answer is Ennis, MT. I've caught a lot of beautiful trout there too.

              1. re: BN1

                had no idea about the beef...never saw any cattle there; it seemed to be all about hunting in the backcountry or fishing the Madison. We spent a week there in a cabin and are pining to go back. The hatchery there is something to see. They raise the mother trout who supply the eggs for all the hatcheries in the west. They are huge.

            2. A big thank you to everyone!