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Mar 24, 2003 07:46 PM

Lakewood/Long Beach area

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Looking for cheap (under $10 for a meal/combo) but good restaurants/delis in the area. Am near Carson/Paramount but anywhere in Lakewood or the northern area of Long Beach will do. :) Especially seeking: cheap Japanese, Mexican, Italian (but GOOD) Thanks!

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  1. Super Mex: 5660 Atlantic – north of Del Amo, south of South St. reliable and friendly place for burritos, etc.

    Sushi West: also on Atlantic, a few blocks south of Del Amo for not spectacular/authentic but tasty japanese food in huge portions, e.g., teriyaki +spicy tuna combination place

    Giant Grinder Deli - on Del Amo, a couple blocks west of the 710 makes good sandwiches

    Have fun in the LBC!

    1. On the southeast corner of Lakewood Bl. and Clark St. in Long Beach is a Mexican place with good burritos and a Japanese place that is good enough.

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        That's actually on Clark and Spring, east of Lakewood Blvd.

      2. You can always truck down to the Bristol Farms next to the Sears on Bellflower. Good munchies.

        1. ok, once more: Bake 'n' Broil, 37th and Atlantic.

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            Good place, altho I avoid it because it's lit like an operating theater.

            1. re: SoCalMuncher

              hmmm, never thought of that. usually too busy operating on a piece of homemade chocolate cake with buttercream icing.