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Jul 6, 2008 09:54 AM

Best Pizza CRUST in RI?

I'm sick of tastelessdough with toppings.

Currently my favorite is Casertas although their crust is a little boring. Fellini's was ok but their crust is like cardboard and crunchy and really had no taste to it. Although their toppings made up for it.

Also any recommendations for a good buffallo chicken pizza? I also like BBQ as long as it doesn't have blue cheese on it.

So anywhere in RI or at least around the MA/CT borders? I'll drive for an hour but not 2hrs to go to New Haven.

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  1. Casserta's is good sometimes,,,,,i like when they put a little extra olive oil in the pan ;)

    Have you tried Twins pizza in North Providence.....

    The buffalo chicken pizza from Papa GInos is good....they use hot sauce instead of tomato sauce for the base ;)

    1. It is a bit of a splurge but I loved the grilled pizza marguerita at Al Forno in Providence. Yum.

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        Yes! Completely different from, say, Caserta's, but also outstanding. Be careful with toppings at Al Forno, since the crust is so thin (delicate, you might say).

      2. Caserta has great crust, assuming they don't burn it, which can definitely happen there. In fact, the W. brothers never get cheese on Caserta pizzas -- it's considered a topping (very old school, of course) and the crust and sauce are so tasty that we don't miss it. If we get toppings, we go with olives and mushrooms, which they pile on abundantly, too.

        1. We love "The Place" in Westerly. Great crust, whole wheat available which I like. Very nice salads also.

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            carmallos in middletown and theres one in portsmouth too,thats pretty darn good thin crust.i think they were part of the legendary Martinos in wickford,nk of the guys from martinos worked-trained @Lombardis in nyc,tthen opened martinos,then moved on to fall river?not sure where brendan landed,but his partners opened Carmellos,which carrys on the tradition of really good thin crust pizza.Sams in bristol makes a really good thicker,east bay style pizza thats pretty awesome too.also the bakery shop in jamestown by the cumbies makes really good pizzas on sundays only[classic RI description huh??]

            1. re: im hungry

              Wickford Junction Pizzieria in NK (formerly Martino's) has awesome crust. The outside is crispy and the inside is light and fluffy on their NYC style pizza. The new owner was one of the original cooks at Martinos. Although they no longer have the brick oven, it still tastes the same as Martino's.

            2. re: Alica

              Isn't that in Wickford? I like The Place too and always try to grab a pizza there when I find myself in Wickford.

              1. re: foxy fairy

                Is The Place in the center of Wickford near the book store?

            3. Frank and John from Italy Pizza, Main Street in East Greenwich. Not thick not thin. Chewy. Perfect. I know the query is about crust, but get the roasted red peppers topping. I wish they were in Prov.

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              1. re: atheorist

                I tried Frank and John's. Not sure what I think of it. I like the "thick not thin" crust style better and liked that it was more cooked than Wickford Junction's. No cracker or crispiness. Actually their pizza just seemed like a better version of Dominoes. Sicilia style I guess?(I don't know my pizza styles yet) Better crust and flavor in the toppings. I think their sauce is what owned the pizza...Don't kill me for this Palmarie fantatics..but..their sauce kind of reminded me of Palmaires with that tangy-ness.

                Eh, if I were in the area I'd go there again..maybe depending on if I ever get to Fat Belly's and like theirs better or not. I've had 2 pizzas in 2 days, I'm done for awhile. lol