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Best Pizza CRUST in RI?

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I'm sick of tastelessdough with toppings.

Currently my favorite is Casertas although their crust is a little boring. Fellini's was ok but their crust is like cardboard and crunchy and really had no taste to it. Although their toppings made up for it.

Also any recommendations for a good buffallo chicken pizza? I also like BBQ as long as it doesn't have blue cheese on it.

So anywhere in RI or at least around the MA/CT borders? I'll drive for an hour but not 2hrs to go to New Haven.

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  1. Casserta's is good sometimes,,,,,i like when they put a little extra olive oil in the pan ;)

    Have you tried Twins pizza in North Providence.....

    The buffalo chicken pizza from Papa GInos is good....they use hot sauce instead of tomato sauce for the base ;)

    1. It is a bit of a splurge but I loved the grilled pizza marguerita at Al Forno in Providence. Yum.

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        Yes! Completely different from, say, Caserta's, but also outstanding. Be careful with toppings at Al Forno, since the crust is so thin (delicate, you might say).

      2. Caserta has great crust, assuming they don't burn it, which can definitely happen there. In fact, the W. brothers never get cheese on Caserta pizzas -- it's considered a topping (very old school, of course) and the crust and sauce are so tasty that we don't miss it. If we get toppings, we go with olives and mushrooms, which they pile on abundantly, too.

        1. We love "The Place" in Westerly. Great crust, whole wheat available which I like. Very nice salads also.

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            carmallos in middletown and theres one in portsmouth too,thats pretty darn good thin crust.i think they were part of the legendary Martinos in wickford,nk area.one of the guys from martinos worked-trained @Lombardis in nyc,tthen opened martinos,then moved on to fall river?not sure where brendan landed,but his partners opened Carmellos,which carrys on the tradition of really good thin crust pizza.Sams in bristol makes a really good thicker,east bay style pizza thats pretty awesome too.also the bakery shop in jamestown by the cumbies makes really good pizzas on sundays only[classic RI description huh??]

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              Wickford Junction Pizzieria in NK (formerly Martino's) has awesome crust. The outside is crispy and the inside is light and fluffy on their NYC style pizza. The new owner was one of the original cooks at Martinos. Although they no longer have the brick oven, it still tastes the same as Martino's.

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              Isn't that in Wickford? I like The Place too and always try to grab a pizza there when I find myself in Wickford.

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                Is The Place in the center of Wickford near the book store?

            3. Frank and John from Italy Pizza, Main Street in East Greenwich. Not thick not thin. Chewy. Perfect. I know the query is about crust, but get the roasted red peppers topping. I wish they were in Prov.

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                I tried Frank and John's. Not sure what I think of it. I like the "thick not thin" crust style better and liked that it was more cooked than Wickford Junction's. No cracker or crispiness. Actually their pizza just seemed like a better version of Dominoes. Sicilia style I guess?(I don't know my pizza styles yet) Better crust and flavor in the toppings. I think their sauce is what owned the pizza...Don't kill me for this Palmarie fantatics..but..their sauce kind of reminded me of Palmaires with that tangy-ness.

                Eh, if I were in the area I'd go there again..maybe depending on if I ever get to Fat Belly's and like theirs better or not. I've had 2 pizzas in 2 days, I'm done for awhile. lol

              2. Nice Slice on Thayer in Prov. Whole wheat to boot.

                1. I happened to be in NK today and checked out the Wickford Junction pizza place. I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Pizza. The cheese was good and the chicken was hot and spicy (although they don't put much chicken on..like 5 chunks on the whole thing).

                  But I didn't like the crust. A bit too thick and it tasted like white bread or a plain bagel lightly toasted so its crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Almost seemed undercooked. Not my type of crust... then again I don't like plain bagels or white bread either...usually go for flavored.

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                    Try Fat Belly's Pub on the Warwick/East Greenwich line. It's right near Goddard Park. I believe the owner developed his pizza recipe with a guy from NYC. He had buffalo chicken pizza on the menu the last time I was there, in early summer, and my husband loved it. Everything I've ever had there has been outstanding, including the pizza.

                    I'm also a fan of the pizza at Pier Pizza. I know they have several locations, but the one I go to is in Cranston. (I'm from NJ and generally pretty picky about my pizza)

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                      Yeah, I've read that on here before along with Frank and John's and haven't decided which to try next. What is Fat Belly's crust like?

                      Not much info on their website -

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                        Hey, thanks for posting the website, that's new! They didn't have that a couple months back.

                        It's not paper-thin, but it is NY style. It has some of that yeasty-flavor that comes from dough that is made in-house, and the occasional bubble that to me signifies "real" crust. (Back home we called them "money bubbles"....I have no idea why).

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                        I tried Fat Belly's today. I know people said it was "soggy" but is it supposed to be that floppy? lol So that's what "new york style" is ? You pick the thing up and the entire thing up to the crust completely flops. Even if you fold it in the middle; still floppy.

                        Didn't really mind the chewey-ness just seemed a bit undercooked at the same time.. I don't know. I got a regular pizza though... Next time I'm in that area I think I'll try the Buffalo. I go to Goddard Park once a week anyway and like the location better than where Frank and John's is. I noticed on the website that Fat Belly's is opening another one on Main St..wonder why they would put another one within 10 minutes away? lol Maybe it'll be bigger and more restaurant like?

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                          Ny style is definitely somewhat "floppy" .....fold it in half and still need to prop up the corner to get it to your mouth for at least the first few bites.

                          The new location is supposed to be *significantly* larger, with outdoor seating on a covered porch as well. I thought it was supposed to be open by now, though.

                        2. re: dagwood

                          I just tried Fat Belly's Buffallo Chicken Pizza today..got it grilled style because they said it was "better" for some reason.

                          It could've used some more chicken and hotter chicken but it was great and I'll definitley get it again. :)

                      3. Twin's Pizza is my favorite. There's something about it. I can't put my finger on what makes it so good.

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                          So far I think my favorite crust is the pizza at Whole Foods in Cranston. I take it home, throw the slices on the Foreman grill until it's the texture I like..and add some of my own toppings on it... like pepperoni that's actually hot .

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                            You buy just the crust? Available in which section?

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                              No, sorry should've been more clear.
                              I buy a few slices of pizza, then go home and re-cook it. lol

                              They make their own crust. They could probably sell you the dough if you asked since you can order whole pizzas and whatever you want anyway.

                        2. Based on reports herein, I've tried Frank 'n John's and Carmella's in Middleton, both in last three weeks. Carmella's is the easy winner. Made with care, fresh ingredients, and baked to perfection.

                          1. Update - I'm now addicted to Fat Belly's pizza..although I prefer their grilled buffalo chicken to their regular new york style pizzas. The trick is to order "extra" toppings since they're pretty skimpy. When I order olives, I want it covered..not a few specs on the pizza.

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                              You should also try Pier Pizza. I was hesitant to reccomend at first because I had just started trying them & wasn't sure about consistency, but after delivery at least once a week for the past month or so, they've never failed. The crust, in my opinion, is perfect. Chewy, thin, but not crispy. I think their sauce could stand some more seasoning, but other than that I have no complaints. My husband loves their sausage, which I agree is fabulous but I think they slice it too thick for pizza and just overwhelms it. I know they have a few locations, so I'm not sure about the others, but the one in Cranston is excellent. The most reliable pizza I've found for delivery since Park Cafe closed.