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Spicy Red Pepper Jelly

Recently was introduced to Spicy Red Pepper Jelly and now I am addicted. Can anyone recommend a specific one/location to purchase some? I am south of Boston if that helps to narrow it down a bit. I cant get enough of it!!!


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  1. Just had one from Stonewall Kitchen this afternoon with a little cream cheese...try a gourmet kitchen shop or Whole Foods, they might give you a variety to choose from. Enjoy!

    1. My friend makes this amazing dip (and I have to say AMAZING) - bags of pecans (chopped), cheese (any of that stuff that comes in a bag to put on tacos is good), chopped scallions and a glob of mayo to hold it all together, then on top she puts a layer of red pepper jelly...

      but lately we haven't been able to find it, so we've replaced it with "red pepper relish" (sweet works better than spciy in this dip) and it works the same...so I don't know if that would work for whatever you're doing. But do try the dip!! SO GOOD!

      1. I love Tyler's Sweet Revenge but I pick it up at shows - you can have it shipped.
        Also, have you tried Harry and David's sweet and smokey relish (and hot and smokey relish) also fantastic on cream cheese block or within recipes. Makes an awesome dip.

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        1. Howard's makes a pretty good one although i'm partial to their sweet variety. it should be available at most markets, i get mine at MarketBasket.

          1. There's a stand at Seattle's Pike Place Market that makes millions of varieties of red (and green and everything else) pepper jelly--they also ship. A very able saleswoman sold us three jars of it while we were visiting, so thanks for the suggestions!

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              Oh yeah, I love that stand!! Thanks for the reminder.

            2. Thanks for all your help everyone!!! :)

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                Bishop's Orchards in Guilford, CT has some really tasty spicy red pepper jelly and a few others that are great. (love the apple butter)

                I would bet - they would ship to you.

              2. this is my Best Thread of the Month.

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                  Tabasco makes a great red or green pepper jelly. I imagine it is available anywhere you can get Tabasco sauce.

                2. Tyler's Sweet Revenge is the BEST you can find anywhere! I live in California and I order it for my family and friends. If you don't live in an area where you can purchase it at fairs from him, you can write to him at tyssweetrevenge@aol.com. If you make a purchase over $50, shipping is FREE!

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                    nervous nellies in deer isle ,maine makes the greatest pepper jelly in the world,its honestly life changing.......

                  2. It's really not too hard to make if you are so inclined. My mom had a recipe years ago and this one looks similar.

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                      A burger joint in Fall River, uglyAmerican has this carmelized jalapeno relish that they put on hot dogs is really good.

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                        know exactly where it is....havent been yet! Guess I need to go since I am right around the corner and they have my jelly;)

                      2. Stonewall Kitchen makes a red pepper jelly but I'm not sure if it is spicy.

                        1. Hi! My name is Jessica an I am the owner if Jessica's Jellies. I am a small home based jelly & jam company. I make a killer Red Pepper Jelly. Please feel free to contact me if you need a shipment!

                          Jessica's Jellies
                          Seekonk, MA

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                            In Seekonk often! Do you have a store?website? Thanks!

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                              Hi! I do not have store front yet. I will be at the National Cranberry Festival at Edaville Railroad. My number is 774-644-3214, if you are in the area give me a call. I am use to customers just randomly showing up. Thanks!


                          2. Just tried one by New England Cranberry Company that is great. Found it at Whole Foods

                            1. Try the lollipop tree in Portsmouth NH Lollipoptree.com

                              1. Are you playing with recipes? Love to hear some, I love the stuff too. I just made a great sauteed shrimp dish with pepper jelly, over rice. Fantastic. I've always enjoyed it on cream cheese with crackers too. What are you doing with it?

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                                  Someone in the supermarket gave me this idea a couple of weeks ago. Mix the red pepper jelly with goat cheese for a really good cracker spread. I'm not a big fan of goat cheese on it's own, but this was a great combination.

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                                    i made a big batch of habenero pepper jelly with peppers from my garden.we just popped open the first jar last weekend,its amazingly good,used alittle apricot concentrate in the mix.theres tons of recipes out there,i think i used one off of allrecipes,but theres lots to choose from,and they are all pretty close to each other.we did the jelly on cream cheese on crackers,awesome,and we also used it as a glaze on grilled chicken,also grea.t,the jelly itself is pretty damn hot,like 12 habanaros worth,but theres so much sugar in it to ease the bite,just really tasty.maybe keep it away from the kids,whatever...just make your own,then you know whats in it....