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Jul 6, 2008 09:14 AM

buying belgian beer glasses in GTA?

i've looked at some online retailers for buying belgian beer glasses. many sites don't have both of the types i am looking for, or the style isn't quite right etc. aside from online sites, i recall mention that some places in toronto will sell beer glasses if you ask them (like the bier markt). has anyone done this? do they order in new ones for you or sell you something from their current supply?

does anyone know of a store or pub/restaurant that is in the GTA or york region that will sell glasses? as i'd like to buy a few, i'd prefer to drive and be able to park very close by, which makes some of the downtown locations not too ideal. particularly I am looking for the pint size hoegaarden glass, and the delirium tremens. any info would be great, thanks.

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  1. Those two glasses are available on eBay. in fact that's what came up when I tried to figure out what you were looking for.

    1. I bought the Delirium at bier markt for $5.

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      1. re: ace123

        hi ace123, did you have to order it ahead of time or speak to anyone in particular to get it?

        1. re: auberginegal

          If you can wait...take a look around Christmas time at the LCBO. Those gift packs of Belgian beers are usually plentiful. I've seen Hoegaarden for sure. Maybe not Delirium Tremens, though.

          1. re: grandgourmand

            yes, i recall seeing advertising for that around Christmas time. My recollection was they didn't have the big Hoegaarden glass, only the half pint, otherwise it would have been a great packaged gift.

          2. re: auberginegal

            I ordered Delirium Tremens & liked the glass. I asked the server if I can buy 2. She said ok & brought me 2 for $10.

            1. re: ace123

              I haven't looked...but do they serve Delirium Tremens at the LCBO?

              1. re: grandgourmand

                No. It was available there as a seasonal release a couple of years ago, but it was quickly pulled from the shelves due to concerns about the name, which refers to one of the withdrawal symptoms experienced by heavy alcoholics who stop drinking.

        2. I have looked at both styles of beer glasses, and prefer the simpler Kolsch glass, at $1/each

          1. I would love to see if they get in the big funnel glass they serve Kriek (Kwak) in. I'm afraid to try and bring it back from Belgium, it looks so breakable.

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            1. re: currycue

              At the risk of sounding nitpicky...Kwak is not Kriek.

              I may be dreaming...but I believe I've seen the Kwak glass at the LCBO one Christmas.

              1. re: grandgourmand

                My bad, don't know why I thought it was. Maybe the red label. Could use some more of that stuff at the LCBO. I got addicted to it in Belguim.

                  1. re: grandgourmand

                    I thought Kwak was a cherry beer and I was mistaken.

                    1. re: currycue

                      I was wondering which one you were addicted to, not re-hashing. They're both nice.

                      1. re: currycue

                        I was wondering which you got addicted to, not re-hashing. Both are nice.

                        Anyhow, if you're interested in the Kwak glass, and checked on Ebay. There are a couple available and they ship to Canada.

                1. re: currycue

                  i've noticed the beerbistro and fat belgian now use the stand-free version of the kwak glass, which imo, is more practicle, but loses a bit of the original quirkiness and charm when you need that wooden holder.

                  1. re: currycue

                    my sister brought back a couple of them and rather than sticking it with the beer in our packs, we just carried it on. easy peasy and no breakage.

                    that or i'm totally mistaken and through some miracle we actually did put it in the bags and they survived.

                    as much as i like the concept of the glass, i find it a little irritating after a while when i can't just put down my beer where ever i please. having to have a specific thing to hold it doesn't really interest me.

                    if anyone really wants some interesting specialty glasses without the trouble of bringing them in from europe.... i'd suggest giving a few of the specialty beer stores in buffalo a call and see what they can do for you. then you can also pick up all that delicious microbrew beer too.

                  2. its hard to find beer glasses in this city and NOT be ripped off.
                    my fiance and i always ask the bars that have the nice glasses. one drinking establishment on Queen and Bathurst encouraged us to steal our two Bellview Krieg glasses.
                    An ex-gf of mine stole 2 Hoegaarten glasses for me from a Yonge and King establishment. very nice and it made the break-up that much more sad.
                    why am i telling you about theft?
                    because option #2 is being ripped off by selected bars. The Beer Bistro offered to sell us glasses for $12 each. i think they are comped the glasses by the beer reps or they get them at a very low price. so $12 is quite excessive, IMO.

                    as a side note: when i was in Prague, they sell beer glasses everywhere. and they are nice and cheap. also, at Attwater market in Montreal, they sell lots of cool belgium beer glasses

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                    1. re: atomeyes

                      It would be quite a subtle achievement to somehow 'sneak' out those big-boy Hoegaarten glasses. They are more like flowerpots! Now I want some to add to my collection of their 12 oz versions (from a holiday LCBO giftpack of course.)

                      1. re: neighborguy

                        just a warning about the Hoegaarten glasses: they apparently have a tendency to fall apart. they are two glasses sealed together.
                        at a bar, i once had the bottom of the glass fall out on me while drinking.
                        apparently happens a lot.

                        and yes, those glasses are big and heavy. my ex was petite, but she was wearing this big winter coat. smuggled two out of the bar under the coat. while i do not advocate thievery, that was a nice gift :)