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Jul 6, 2008 07:33 AM

ethnic cuisine

in a recent thread, it was noted is was refreshing to go to a place that is not all about gumbo, po boys and the like. so what's your favorite for non-Creole?

China Rose, be sure to ask for the Authentic Chinese menu for the real deal
Royal China, order the dim sum

Kim Son, for salt baked lobster, crab, shrimp and scallops, lettuce wraps, garlic green beans and the special 7 course meat dinner
Cafe Minh for asian short ribs, bouillabaisse,

Chateau du Lac, for everything
Cafe Degas, lunch/brunch

Jamila's Cafe, lamb tagine, rack of lamb, lamb merguez

Arabesque, can do no wrong
Vega for their special Med menus

Laurentino's for paella and order every app (they're all good)
Lola's for their lamb stew (on a cold night)

Sara's for lamb oxford, lamb vindaloo and lemongrass crab bisque

Irene's, love the duck
Fausto's for eggplant parm, fett carbonara, and veal saltimbocca
Two Tony's for their lasagna

La Thai for their Tom Gar Gai soup, seafood stuffed pineapple, and any of the red or green curries

take your pick of all the taquerias poppong up all over town
Felipe's for their shrimp quesadillas, pork tamales, and steak taco salad and many margaritas

Clementine's, no one does mussels and frites better

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  1. Although no longer accessible online, there was a near consensus on another local food board that the food at Chateau du Lac had suffered significantly after their recent move to Metairie

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    1. re: paz5559

      I do not find that to be the case, not do any of the clients, friends and family that I have brought there to enjoy dinner.
      Have you eaten there? If so, what did you think?

      1. re: edible complex

        In excess of 10 members of that board, including myself, dining on separate occasions, felt the food to be inedibly over-salted.

    2. African: Bennachin (1212 Royal) - mild, medium, or hot! BYOB

      1. Good list. But I think best Thai clearly goes to Siamese on Veteran's. This has been widely discussed before on this board so I won't belabor it; it's amazing and you should try it (mostly I order their curries but the menu is huge).

        I would also add 9 roses under Vietnamese.

        Also, are you sure it's Lola's for stew -- I thought Lola's was all paella and that noodley version of paella. Maybe I'm mixed up.

        I also agree with the poster who suggested Bennachin.

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        1. re: Adrienne

          I like Siamese too and have gone often and enjoyed their curries. Some people swear by Sukho Thai in the Marigny.

          Yes, Lola's, Yes, Lamb Stew. It might buried on the menu, but I get it every time.

          1. re: Adrienne

            Not only does Lola's have lamb stew (not a favorite), they have lamb chops, pork loin, fish , garlic chicken, garlic shrimp, shrimp with pasta as well as soups and salads. Ask for some mojo sauce with your paella. It greatly enhances the dish.

            1. re: JazzyB

              Now that you put it that way, I seriously doubt that I ever read the menu (I only really look at menus about half the time, I tend to order what someone has recommended which was the reason I went to the restaurant to begin with).

              Thanks for the tips!

              1. re: JazzyB

                That shrimp is terrible; at least the time I had it. You want shrimp get the po-boy at Liuzzas across the street.

            2. For Indian I love Nirvana on Magazine - I try something new every time and have yet to find a dish that wasn't great.
              Mediterranean - Lebanon's Cafe on Carrollton. Great food, reasonable prices, BYOB
              If you're willing to make the trip to the East, Dong Phuong on Chef Hwy has some wonderful Vietnamese and has a bakery attached which some great authentic Vietnamese baked goods.
              Taqueria Corona on Magazine is awesome Mexican food and also has some great Margaritas
              Thai - in Metairie there's Equator on Severn near Veterans. Great lunches and even better dinners. Uptown is Bangkok Thai next to Cooter Browns at the riverbend. Also wonderful.
              I second the praise of Bennachin for African - although don't go there if you're a stickler for good service.

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              1. re: mmm.Boudin

                Why hasn't anyone mentioned Pho Tau Bay yet? I go there about once a week and the food is fantastic and cheap, and the staff is so nice. I've tried several Thai restaurants in New Orleans and have been disappointed in all of them. I've just resigned myself to cooking my own Thai food. Maybe I should give some of the places in JP a try.

                1. re: gillsnthrills

                  Try Siamese out on Vets. It's my favorite Thai in the GNOA. Quite a lot better than Bangkok Thai, and far superior to the atrocity that is La Thai on Prytania. Two weeks ago when I was last there with a friend, we shared beef salad, roasted duck curry, and I think pad kee maow for lunch. Every bite was delicious. Beef salad isn't my favorite, but it was fine. Both main dishes were delectable. I usually get kang ka ree or pa nang curry, and they are both awesome. Every time I go there I think "Why don't I come here more often? Oh yeah, because it's far away". But I don't even bother to eat Thai anywhere else anymore. At least until somewhere new to try comes along.

                  6601 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA 70003

                  1. re: uptownlibrarian

                    I 100% agree with uptown librarian. We always get the curries at Siamese (Yellow, Green, Red, Pineapple or Duck. Don't get the red bean curry, it doesn't compare). I also love the mango and papaya salads when they're in season. But I think almost everything there is wonderful.

                    As a side note -- I also finally tried LaThai and thought their green curry flavor was very good, and other food was fine to good, but it's much less authentic in style (which I think is intentional, I just prefer more authentic for Thai) and I had some service issues (it took 10 minutes to wave someone down to ask for chopsticks... I was pretty aggressive about it but they were completely ignoring me).

                    1. re: Adrienne

                      The chopstick thing annoyed me both times I went there. I think the serving sizes at lunch are too small, although I agree that the flavor of the panang curry that I had there was good. The other things I had were a fried tofu with garlic that tasted bland (I know, tofu is bland, but this is one of my favorite dishes ever when properly prepared) and the weird duck dish that looks like duck croutons. But honestly, the detail that puts me off most is the sign on the door that claims they're "Dark" on Mondays. Get ahold of yourself, Merlin.

                      I did forget about Sukho Thai, which is good but more expensive than Siamese. Than again, maybe you'd spend in gas what you'd save on the check.

                      1. re: Adrienne

                        My understanding is that Thai people don't use chopsticks for curry and other rice dishes. Maybe for noodles.

                        1. re: JGrey

                          My experience in Bangkok was that I got a spoon and chopsticks almost everywhere. I had ordered an appetizer of summer rolls that came sliced up like sushi, and I felt that if I tried to eat them with a fork they would fall apart but they were too saucy to eat with my hands. That is why I wanted chopsticks.

                          But the issue of cutlery is really moot -- they didn't know what I wanted, but you would think someone would notice that I was trying to wave them down and hadn't touched my food. Or even just that when I freaking said "Excuse me" someone would turn around, I mean, that's normally how service in a restaurant works.

                          Ironically, my waiter later on yelled at a busboy for removing my unused fork, which was after I'd asked the busboy to remove extraneous objects from the table. Poor busboy, he was the only one listening to me and he got in trouble.

                          1. re: JGrey

                            Thanks, that was interesting. I do think it's easier to eat noodles with chopsticks, but certainly none of the Thai restaurants in this town could be considered noodle shops. They don't give you chopsticks at Siamese either, just to clear that up.

                            1. re: uptownlibrarian

                              I had the same type of service experience at La Thai. It was so annoying and bad that I have yet to return. I am a server and the two most important things I need to remember to provide my guests is water and utensils to eat their food. It didn't have to be chopsticks I just needed a spoon to eat my soup and then later I needed a fork to eat my pad thai. So frustrating but the busboy was helpful in my case too. The wait staff seemed inept (like they've never waited tables in a busy restaurant) and very busy but mostly absent. I tipped the busboy personally.

                              I also vote for Siamese on Vets as the best Thai restaurant in the greater NO area. I used to live in Seattle and we had many wonderful options for Thai food. Siamese reminds me of my first Thai food experiences.

                              I know it's Chinese fusion but Cafe East on Rye St. in Metairie is my absolute favorite Chinese restaurant hands down. Excellent wine list, terrific food, exquisite atmosphere. The service is a little challenging but friendly and willing to please. You can totally work with them and they don't detract from the experience.

                    2. re: mmm.Boudin

                      I just had the best baba ghanoush I've ever tasted (and I've tasted a lot) at Mona's Cafe on Magazine.

                      1. re: mmm.Boudin

                        Nirvana is okay if you don't mind surly waiters.

                      2. sadly, Arabesque has closed the restaurant, but is still offering catering.

                        anyone have any other updates or additions???