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Jul 6, 2008 07:24 AM

Avgotaraho - sources in the US

Has anyone found sources for avgotaraho in the US, particularly in the Northeast? I have seen similar products, Bottarga/Boutargue, but they are not quite the same as the waxed greek version. There also seems to be a bit of confusion with the descriptions on these products as I have seen the Greek, Italian and French names used interchangeably even thought the Greek product is quite different (and more expensive).

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  1. the current issue of The Art of Eating, an incredible independant food magazine, has a huge article on avgotaraho. in the back of the magazine it lists Seattle distributor and online retailer Cucina Fresca as a source at $100 a half pound plus shipping.

    enjoy and feel free to buy me some too- looks incredible as described in the article. enjoy fb

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      Thank you for the recommendation. I am hoping to find a supplier in New York or Boston so I will not have to have the package shipped. We have had a few mishaps with damaged or delayed deliveries of perishable items. As good as the sellers are about replacing these packages, I hate the idea of these wonderful foods going to waste and I had to scramble for close substitutes when our Spanish boquerone arrived more than a day late in the ninety degree weather... Needless to say the packaging was not up to the task, especially after being repacked by the carrier.

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        I was always under the impression that Avgotaraho and Bottarga were the same. I've found it recently in NYC as well as where i live, Greenwich, CT, but called Bottarga and produced in France.


      Click on it on the right menu and a pop-up will give you the price.

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