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Jul 6, 2008 05:54 AM

places to eat near the new hellenic world museum in athens(moschato)

just came back from greece not cheap any,more with the euro bring back the drachma.

anyway we did find an out of the way place to eat with reasonable prices near the museum. the museum i of the hellenic world is about two years old and they have a a virtual reality theater where you can watch computer recreations of a day in the (agora) and okther places in ancient back to the place we ate it is like a lunch counter in an industrial area it is about two blocks of Pireos st. towards the metro train tracks.. the address is kyprou 10 (moschato) georgios zonios is the owner. makes great double fried french fries nice and crispy. and also lots of daily specials ask for them... u can take the metro to kalithea station and walk toward kyprou st and make a right about 2 blocks on the corner on your right. enjoy

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