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Jul 6, 2008 05:42 AM

How hard is it to get a res at TAO?

hi all

coming to the city the last weekend in september and really want to goto TAO on friday night, the 26th. there will be 7 of us. i saw on opentable that i was too far out now to make the reservation. can i call now or do i need to wait the 2 month deal? is this a restaurant where not just "anyone" can get a reservation? i remember last summer trying to make a reservation at PASTIS was a nightmare until we had a "somebody" make it for us a week before when i called 2 months earlier they had nothing. left a bad taste in my mouth. i know these places are touristy and get alot of bashing, but we are tourists and really do want to goto TAO. thanks!

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  1. I can't imagine that it is difficult, but just call them and ask their policy.

    1. Not hard anymore. The place is awful now..the food there isnt even edible.
      I would pass and try buddakahn. Even koi in the bryant park hotel.

      1. It would be hard is this was 2004. It is not remotely hard in 2008

        1. Agree w/everyone--not hard to get in and food is mediocre.

          1. Is that the restaurant formerly in the W.50's whose building is now a WaMu bank?

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