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Vegan bakery?....Anyone?

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This may be an odd request, but I have a friend that just turned to veganism (still don't understand it, but who am I to judge?) and I am looking for a bakery that make vegan or vegan friendly cakes.

It's my friends birthday this week and I would like to get them a birthday cake...but I don't know where to go to get one that is vegan friendly.

I could get a cake from Dominion (as they just use chemicals and not animal products in their cakes) but I would like to get something a bit more wholesome.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks all, and remember "animals are our friends"....our most delicious friends...

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  1. I saw a number of desserts in the cake display case at Vegetarian Haven on Baldwin Street. I ate the chocolate and was very impressed. Good taste and texture.

    Not sure if these cakes are made in house but perhaps you could give them a call?

    You're a good friend!

    1. Kensington Natural Bakery on Bloor in the Annex:


      1. The vegan desserts sold at Fresh are delicious and are apparently from: http://www.sweetsfromtheearth.com/

        Also, if you have a Fortinos near you, they have some good vegan cakes.

        1. Whole Foods used to do a great vegan chocolate cake. Also on Mount Pleasant btw Eglinton and Davisville there is a bakery called Lollicakes that does all sorts of allergen free cakes and cupcakes. I haven't tried them but I'm sure if you do a search on the boards you can find more info.


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            Ages ago I ordered a vegan cake from Kensington Natural Bakery...
            Unfortunately, it was a really, really terrible experience. I was served by a nasty man who put up a big stink about writing "Happy Birthday" on the cake. It was expensive. The cake was incredibly dry and the icing pasty and awful-tasting.

            We still joke about that cake and it's been at least 4 years.

            I bake for a vegan often and I know it's not terribly difficult to come up with something that rivals most non-vegan cakes. Yeech.

          2. I just got a chocolate banana spelt cake from Kensington Bakery, and it was delicious! I was worried after reading thora'sreview here, but I got it for a colleague's bday today anyway. 10 of us ate it, none were vegans except the birthday girl and we all liked it. No eggs, no dairy, no wheat, no refined sugar (maple syrup sweetner). It cost $33. Well worth it. Kensington Natural Bakery is Bloor and Bathurst, at 460 Bloor St West. And they were more than happy to write her name and happy birthday on it- were not grumpy at all!

            1. Sweets From the Earth, hands down.


              I am a huge fan of their carrot cake. You would never know the cream cheese icing has no dairy and I am speaking as a dyed in the wool eater of animals and their byproducts who finds much vegan baked goods to be dry tasteless rocks better served as punishment than for dessert. The chocolate cake is also very good. In fact most of the items I have tried are good. You can find the products around the city. Many places sell single servings but if you call around you should be able to find an entire double layer cake for sale.

              Some of the products may be frozen. I bought a frozen carrot cake at the Green Living show once and it was delcious once it thawed.

              1. Another vote for Sweets from the Earth. Earlier this month I bought three cakes - carrot cake with vegan "cream cheese" icing, chocolate and a cheesecake -- all from Sobeys (Front St east of St Lawrence Market). You can also order direct from Sweets + pick up at their non-retail baking spot in the Junction. Or call + ask them where to get whole cakes near you. (I ordered a whole carrot cake a few years back before they were in stores). We had the cakes @ work and the non-vegans were shocked by how good they all were. The lactose-intolerants were especially interested.