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Jul 6, 2008 04:36 AM

Gordal olives

So we had dinner last night at Bistro Campagne over near Montrose Park. They used gordal olives in their martinis. Does anyone know where I can find them? They were DELICIOUS and literally the size of eggs. Totally worth the mild hangover this AM.

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  1. Sam's Wine and Spirits has a decent selection of olives in their gourmet food section towards the back of the store. I'll most likely be in the area in the next few days, so if I get a chance I'll run in and see if they have them.

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      I stopped by Sam's this evening (Tuesday is when the buffalo mozzarella come in!) but did not see any olives labeled as Gordal. They did have some huge olives in jars but they were just labeled with what they were stuffed with.

    2. These are a Spanish variety but I've only seen them in jars (and I can't remember if it was in Chicago). You may have to look online for a place that ships. I was on the hunt for Castelvetrano olives in Chicago and ended up paying through the nose from a supplier in NYC until I found some cheap in an Italian deli in Arlington Heights.