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Jul 6, 2008 12:18 AM

Help I Need Super Spicy Hot Food!

My wife has been complaining that she needs to eat something super spicy-hot. She's been complaining for months that her Vindaloo isn't hot enough and lately green curry hasn't left her breathless. Everywhere we go shes asks for everything extra spicy and although she enjoys the meals, she always complains it wasn't hot enough!

I'm not kidding, so I need some advice on where to find the hottest of the hot here in Calgary. I want to take her somewhere and burn her lips and tongue off...I need your help chowhounders.

Where or where can I find the spiciest, hottest, burn your bum the next morning meals in Calgary?!?!?

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  1. Last time I got lamb vindaloo at Glory of India it was unbearable but that was years ago...

    Also- when they say something is "hot" at Shef's Fiery Kitchen at CFM, they MEAN it!

    1. Try the Vindaloo at Tandoori Hut. The first two or three bites aren't too bad, but the heat really builds. It's easily the spiciest food I've had at a restaurant in Calgary, and I love spicy food.

      If that doesn't work, you might have to go around to some specialty food stores and look for some crazy hot sauces like Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, Satan's Blood, and The Source and do some home cooking.

      1. They sell fresh habaneros at Gull Valley at the CFM. Dice and drop on of those into chilli, and you won't hear any more complaints.

        1. Han's has some very hot dishes--make sure to order everything that has several chilies next to it, e.g. szechuan eggplant, the fried green beans (not as hot but delicious). I'm sure if you ask for more spice, they can give it to you.

          The spice is not a fast burn, though, so be prepared to be sweating it out by the end of the meal.

          1. There are a couple places with really hot wings- but then you have to eat a bunch of wings. The Unicorn's are pretty hot and the sauce is tastey (very hot but no blisters). It's not very good food, but the very hot sauce at Julio's Barrio (I know...) is really hot. It almost stopped my breath. The best place though for good really hot food is Thai Saigon. You have to make it extra clear that want the food as spicey as possible. They might not take you seriously and then they will give you the not extreemly hot food. I went with a friend who knows the owner and I think he asked for level six hot (it only seemed to work for him though, I asked for this on my own and got a blank look)- the food was mind meltingly hot and really good.

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                I googled Thai Saigon and didn't find anything...could you be referring to Saigon Restaurant on 12th Ave?

                1. re: Major_9000

                  Oops! I'm really sorry for not fact checking. I am talking about the well loved Calgary restaurant Thai Sa-On.