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Jul 5, 2008 09:40 PM

Sonic in Waretown Stinks........

Stop in today....what a mistake! it took over 20 min in the drive thru line...ordered 2 Coney Chili dogs & Onion rings....(7-11 makes better hot dogs) tasted like canned Hormel chili & the rolls were all soggy....the rings tasted like Old Fry Oil YUK!~ I took two bites and dumped the whole bag in the garbage.

First & last time for sure.

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  1. Stick with the burgers and tater tots at Sonic. The Coney dogs look nasty in the commericals; I would never order one. You would have been better off going up another mile or so and getting a dog from the Dewey's Dogs truck in Forked River.