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Bakeries around U of Vt campus, Burlington, Vt

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I'll be going to a conference at the U of Vt in July and would like to find small, local bakery/coffee houses to start my mornings. Also any great dinner places?? I'm from Manhattan and want to experience local Vt food - right from the farmer's markets!! Thanks -

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  1. The campus is set apart from downtown itself, and there are no local bakeries very near the campus itself. If you are willing to walk downtown (half a mile or so), try Mirabelle's cafe.


    Restaurants using fresh and hopefully local ingredients when possible:

    Taste http://www.tasteofburlington.com/

    L'Amante http://www.lamante.com/

    Trattoria Delia http://www.trattoriadelia.com/

    There are likely others, these are the 3 that jump to the top of my list.

    1. Smokejacks for great brunch, lunch, or dinner; uses local ingredients. American Flatbread for delicious pizza made with local ingredients, and locally made beers. Farmers Market at City Hall Park Saturdays 8 or 9 am till 2 pm; great baked goods, cheeses, meats, and produce, along with a local art market. Check it out if you'll be in Burlington on a Saturday.

      1. I agree with all suggestions, for a nice "Vermont" experience, get out of town and try Inn at Shelburne Farms, in Shelburne or Hen of the Woods, in Waterbury. Both are dinner spots, the Inn is on a gorgeous property right on the lake with beautiful grounds and mostly local products, Hen is on a brook, in an old grist mill and also uses local products. If you're driving either will work but the Inn is easier if you have to cab it. Have fun.

        1. There's a bakery called Panadero (sp?) in Burlington's north end, with a coffee place next door. I haven't been there, but the Panadero guy was at the Farmer's Market for a few years and I always made a beeline for his tarts. Might be worth checking it out.