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Jul 5, 2008 08:16 PM

Cupprimo Cupcakery & Coffee

Saw this place as I was cutting through a parking lot on Spicewood Springs in NW Austin. Has anyone tried it? What did you think? I'm always looking for new stuff up by me.

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  1. We stopped in last Saturday night. It's a nice little place but by the time we got there most of the cupcakes were gone - which means they make them fresh daily. The chocolate cupcake was yummy. I'm looking forward to going back during the day for one of their specialty cupcakes.

    1. I have tried the cupcakes, and I found them to be better than the cupcakes at both Hey Cupcake! on South Congress and Polkadots Cupcake Factory, but still not great. I tried the plain vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting, and I thought the flavor of the cake was very nice, but it was quite light and airy. I prefer a more dense and moist cake.

      This place and the other two cupcake places I mentioned seem to be patterning themselves after Sprinkles, but with limited success--it's as if they read an article about the cupcake craze and decided to open a cupcake shop without doing any research into why a place like Sprinkles is successful in the first place. All of them are charging a premium price, equal to or slightly less than the cost of a Sprinkles cupcake, but their cupcakes are only about half the size of those at Sprinkles (in the case of Polkadots, perhaps 1/3 of the size--those cupcakes are small!). And none of them approach Sprinkles in terms of quality. I've had cupcakes that I would consider exceptional at Sprinkles, along with a few flavors that didn't impress me, but all of them--every last one--was moist and had a perfect crumb, exactly the texture and density I look for in a cupcake. None of the shops I've tried in Austin come close. Cupprimo is the best I've tried in the last year. I have heard that a shop called Delish (I think) is opening on 2nd St. between Colorado and Lavaca, so I'm hoping that they will be able to pull off this concept.

      A note about the coffee at Cupprimo--I watched the person behind the counter prepare an espresso beverage, and I can safely say that the drink must have been awful. Improper technique, terrible extraction, a mess from start to finish...perhaps drip coffee is the way to go if you simply must have a caffeine fix. I didn't try the drip coffee (and don't intend to do so), but I would never buy an espresso beverage here. They clearly don't know a thing about espresso, and judging by the lack of training, it would seem that they don't care.

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        I edited this earlier, but it has apparently reverted back to the original version, so I'll just add a note to say that the "Delish" place I mentioned will actually be on 3rd St., not 2nd.

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          Some of the best cupcakes I've had in this town are from Kneaded Pleasures bakery off Far West. they make them daily and the Carrot cake and Red Velvet are dense,flavorful and yummy. I do want to check out that Delish place as well.


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            I had a cupcake from Hey Cupcake, and thought it was dry. My favorite cupcake was from Bakerman's. They had a red velvet with cream cheese icing...YUMMY! Some days they have them on special for only $1. I have never heard of Cupprimo

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              Bakerman's does not always offer cupcakes. Sometimes they have them, sometimes they don't. It's the same with most of the desserts and pastries they offer. I don't know if their pastry lineup is on a rotation, or if they just regularly sell out of some items, but I would not make a special trip there to try the cupcakes without calling first to make sure they have some on hand.

      2. I stopped by a few weeks ago and got a specialty cupcake (banana split), and my brother got the chocolate with chocolate icing. Alright for 5 dollars for the two, but the cake was a little dry. If you're not looking for anything too fancy, Just Desserts in the Arbor Walk shopping center has huge cupcakes for the same price (2.50), including Red Velvet.

        1. I took my son out there yesterday (during rush hour, even! such is my devotion to cupcakes) and by 5:30, the pickings were VERY slim. I thought the cakes were good and the buttercream icing was lovely. I still haven't tried the black forest cupcake I bought, but everyone else was thrilled with their selections (vanilla, double chocolate, strawberry, carrot cake).

          But, truth be told, I'd rather get a monster, moist, generously frosted cupcake for $2.79 at Quack's than drive out out to Spicewood Springs and 183 for a much smaller, similarly priced cupcake.

          1. Haven't been to Cupprimo but I've seen them. Our favorite cupcake in town is ironically 3 doors down at Ann's Kitchen (between Asia Market and Sambets). She's only open normal business hours (and Sat. mornings) so it's a bit hard to hit her, but if you there to eat at Asia Cafe on a weekday lunch grab a cupcake to go.