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Jul 5, 2008 07:27 PM

Good gazpacho?

I'm a big fan, particularly now that summer is here and couldn't find any recent threads. I'm looking for a tomato based one so the almond one at Fraiche or the beet one at Lot 1 really won't do. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. My favorite gazpacho ever is the green zebra version at Il Grano. Sal (the chef) grows something like 38 different heirlooms in his own garden, and does a tomato night once a week when they're in season. A really beautiful gazpacho, intense and a real essence of tomato.


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    1. joan's on third... Yummy!!!

      1. Why not make your own? It's so easy..check out the cookbook of Penelope Casas. I make both the red (tomato based) and white (almond/grape based) ones.

        1. the gazpacho at the daily grill is very good. have made their recipe at home.....easy to make and still good!

          1. D, I love the Gaspatch over at Bloom Cafe on W.Pico in L.A. I don't think there's much tomato in it compared to other GO's. Give them a ring to ask about it. They tend to be organic, so it may also be organic. The Soba salad is really good too!

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              Oh, I'm a big Bloom fan but haven't been in ages. I'll definitely have to head back soon. Thanks for the rec!