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Jul 5, 2008 07:22 PM


I live in Chester County (Downingtown-ish) and I am trying to figure out the market situation in the area and all the way into Philadelphia. The only ones I have really been to are the West Chester Growers Market and Reading Terminal. I was hoping you all might be able to offer some other places to look...

Also, I know of the Ardmore Farmers Market but I have yet to check it out.

And one more thing, I am open to orchard and farm stand suggestions as well. Right now, the only one I really visit is Highland Orchards.

Thanks very much in advance...

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  1. I recently moved to Delaware County and have just discovered Wolf's on 452 about a half mile up from Baltimore Pike. I love it! Much locally grown fruit and veggies, and everything we've gotten in our few visits had been delicious. They also sell their own brand of salsas, dressings, etc.

    Swarthmore also has a small farmers' market on Saturdays til 2PM, which includes some Amish vendors. I've been a little disappointed by this one tho', many of the prices are very high.

    1. Here are links to the two organizations that sponsor farmers’ markets in Philadelphia and the surrounding area:

      Each website lists the different markets and days they are open.

      The biggest one in Philly is the Headhouse Market, on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Second Street between Pine and Lombard. It’s a lot of fun.

      The Clark Park market in West Philly is also pretty big, but there are lots of markets so check out what is convenient to you.

      1. Come on down to Kennett Square on any Friday afternoon from 2:00 to 6:00 and check out the farmer's market in the Genesis walkway right in the middle of town. Also, for really great produce, it'll be worth a trip to Pete's Produce Farm on Rt. 926 in Westtown, especially when their Mirai corn is being picked.

        1. The Ardmore Farmers Market is prepared foods and stuff. Most everything fresh comes from the food distribution center, not somebody's organic boutique farm. And I'm not sure anything is organic. Meats are probably your best bet. There's no way Downingtown to Ardmore makes sense - if you have to be in that area anyhow, go then, but don't make a special trip.

          From D'town, I'd be checking out the farmers market at Eagleville, or the one Wednesdays at the Mill at Anselma.

          Laura, I think the reason the Swarthmore market is more expensive is that it's mostly organic and Wolf's is mostly (entirely?) not.

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            Yes, I agree, but having sought out and bought many organic products over the years, I still find this particular market to be awfully high priced.

            Maybe that really is what the prices have to be for both local AND organic (so often I find myself having to choose between the two, when I wish to support both) for the farmers to support themselves, but I suspect it's more that they know the prices that particular local community is willing and able to pay.

            But while we're at it, do you by any chance know if there any good organic butchers in DE Co.? I really miss the one I frequented in my Connecticut hometown, where I lived until just a couple years ago.

            1. re: lauracohenromano

              I'll tell you what I know re: organic meat in DelCo, but you probably won't be very inspired - in fact, I think you're probably getting the best sources already from the Swat farmer's market. I don't think there are any stand-alone organic butchers at all.

              I think that the high-end butcher in Suburban Square, Ardmore (just outside DelCo) has some organic but isn't an all-organic source. Whole Foods has organic meat. Selene has some (but not much) meat, and certianly isn't a butcher store. Ditto Martindale's. What the real health foody places have in common is that most of them deal with the same farmers - most of whom are at the SFM, most of them grass-fed and humanely raised and slaughtered.

              So.... I don't know whether it's your kind of thing or not, but you might want to look into ordering shares of a single animal with friends from one of the farmers that works that way. It's less expensive (much less) and very high quality but you have be able to deal with meat that is frozen. HTH. :)

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                Since someone kicked this thread back into life, I'll mention that I noticed Main Line Prime has lots of organic, grass-fed, sustainably-sourced meats. And the owner seems to be really available, and he knows food. Buy there. Ask him stuff. Very, very good.


          2. Oh, and Vollmecke Orchards is close to you, too. Fruit, CSA, - check out the link to see what they offer retail-wise.


            Vollmecke Orchards & CSA
            155 Cedar Knoll Rd, Coatesville, PA

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            1. re: Mawrter

              I'm a member of Vollmecke Orchards (I do their website - please be gentle with me!) - and I can vouch for the quality of their fruits and vegetables. I'll check this week at pickup and see what their retail status is (everything is not listed on the website).

              And The Mill at Anselma replaced the Eagleville market - so you know. I stop there every Wednesday on my way home from work! It's right on 113 & 401.

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                Oh, I didn't realize it replaced the E'ville one. Thank you for mentioning that.