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Jul 5, 2008 06:34 PM

Nandos in the NE

Just ate at Nandos in the NE (36st and 32 Ave), I loved it! It was cheap, large portions, very kid-friendly. They specialize in Peri-Peri grilled chicken (you request the degreee of spiciness). The sides were very decent. We paid $25 for a huge mixed platter of chicken with two sides.

This is my new favorite place.

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  1. what city? I love Nandos! Ate lunch there frequently when vacationing in Australia, and have used their bottled sauces for years.

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    1. re: Dan G

      This one is in Calgary.

      We went there once and like the chicken a lot but the spicy fries had an unpleasant flavour, like they were stale (it might have been the seasoning)- however, yes, it's great to get some churrasco in Calgary, even if it's by way of South Africa :)

    2. I've gotta join in on the "I-Love-Nando's" parade. Cheap, grilled, spicy good chicken. Authentic Portuguese? Not really. Delicious? Absolutely. Avoid the processed breast meat in the salads and sandwiches and go for the kebabs or chicken pieces. Avoid most of the sides as well except for a reasonable seasoned rice, and a FANTASTIC (for a QSR) garden salad full of almonds, flax and tasty veggies.
      Best thing? Spicy is actually spicy.

      1. Yes it's nice to have something different in Calgary. But now i just do my own chickens and buy the sauce. It's not really authentic though.

        They sell the sauce at Nandos but they also sell it at Sobey's. I love the heat from the sauce. They sides pretty much all were terrible IMHO. Portuguese buns were dry, rice was minute rice, didn't try to the salads.