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Jul 5, 2008 06:10 PM

St Pete recommendations, please!

Hi fellow foodies! I'm getting married in St Pete on July 18, nothing big, just the two of us at a lovely Bed and Breakfast.

We'll have dinner after the ceremony at Chateau France, but we're open to suggestions for the rest of the weekend. We've only been to St Pete a couple of times.

He doesn't eat any seafood except for shrimp and lobster. I prefer seafood. :) I love sushi; luckily, he likes assorted cooked japanese dishes. We both love Indian; he loves Spanish/latino. LOL talk about the odd couple.

Ok guys, what do you recommend for lunches and dinners, please!

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  1. I would Hook's on 9th St. N. Very good sushi and also a number of Japanese, Thai, and Chinese dishes that your fiance could choose from.

    If if he likes Chinese, I would also suggest ABC Chinese on 54th Ave. N. Execellent Chinese with a specialty towards seafood including shrimp and lobster. And they are fresh!

    One other suggestion would Savannah's Cafe on Central. Good southern style food.



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    1. Pacific Wave is really good and they have sushi and Pan-Pacific dishes. Also The Garden, a funky little Mediterranian restaurant are both in downtown St. Pete not far from Chateau France. My husband and I had a real small wedding and had our wedding dinner there also. Congratulations

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          If you are staying at Inn at the Bay you will be very happy. I am guessing that because of the close proximity to Chateau France. They have the most wonderful beds! Anyway, we stay down there occasionally and like to eat at Cafe Alma. Also Ratchada is good for sushi and Thai.

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            You're right, rhnault, we are staying at the Inn at the Bay, getting married in their garden, weather permitting. We were there for Christmas 2006 and just loved it. We'll be in the Sailboat Suite again; I'm a tad disabled and didn't want to be going up and down the 3 flights of stairs to the Lighthouse "honeymoon" suite. Thanks for the recommendations, everyone!

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              Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful trip and wedding.

      1. Congratulations, Manderley, and the very best of luck to you!

        Please post a report on the places you end up going to since I'll be traveling that way next month....


        1. If you have a car consider Tio Pepe's in Clearwater on Gulf-to-Bay Blvd. Really wonderfully prepared Spanish food in a lovely old (by Fl. standards) building, great service too. The imported sangria prepared table side is delicious, as is the stuffed pompano.
          The place is a little noisy though.

          1. Looking back on my very first post here on Chowhounds. Seems like a lifetime ago, since i'm already divorced. Happy to say that i now count Ribdog (John) and rhnault (rebekah) as two very good friends. Thanks, Chowhounds, for my friends. :)

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              Yes, it is nice to count you among my friends!
              I would also like to go back and stay at Inn at the Bay! ha