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Jul 5, 2008 05:54 PM

Two places in Camden Town, London

• Bento Cafe
A pretty good Japanese place run by Cantonese, with a slightly more modern take on the food. Pretty good enoki tempura, sprinkled with chilli powder for a touch of heat and tiny needles of a greenish seaweed-like seasoning. Not the lightest puffiest tempura I've ever had, but pretty good still.

An ok nabeyaki udon, with a tempura prawn, a slightly stiff chicken breast, two slices of kamaboko (fish cake), a good shiitake mushroom and menma (reconstituted bamboo strips). stock that is not bad, perhaps a tiny shade on the sweet side, with a pleasant flavour, even if not of the deepest complexity. Noodles could be slightly fatter and more chewy imho.

• Tupelo Honey
Good sticky chestnut cake with a fair amount of chetsnut sweetness and honey.

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  1. Has anyone been to the restaurant on Parkway known as Market? Also known as "the un-googleable restaurant." I've heard some rather satisfied reviews.

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      If you google 'market restaurant camden', you get all the newspaper reviews for it at least. I haven't been yet but I've only heard good things so far.

      Some positive reviews here:

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        Afraid I haven't been. Will have a look the next time I'm in the area, thanks for the tip.

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          went there for late sun lunch. nice menu, short and great queen streety. Had a gaspacho that was fresh but sadly ungarnished - sheesh, chuck some olive oil or a basil leaf in there or something.

          Had the sunday roast which was a lovely piece of rare beef with fresh seasonal veg done perfectly. Potatoes cold and covered in 1 inch of grease! Yorkshire was not as good as homemade.

          Partner had pig cheeks w chorizo which was tasty but salty with no green to balance the flavours.

          Overall a good local choice, but not up with the best. Service from the waitress was good but the owner was annoying and graceless.

        2. I just returned from a work trip to London and stayed near this area (Marriott Regents Park). Two restaurants that the hotel recommended were nearby:

          Cafe de Maya - on Primrose Hill Rd at intersection with King Henry's Rd. Thai/Malaysian. Very good! I had veg spring rolls (fried, to my surprise) and a mildly spicy Malaysian beef curry with rice. Dinner was about 16 pounds.

          Limonia (?) - Greek - on the main street in Camden Town. Also very good. I had hummus/pita, then some sort of lamb stew with rice and grilled zucchini/courgettes. Alas, no room for dessert... A little pricier, about 30 pounds.

          FWIW, both were friendly to me as a solo diner. :)

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            Glad to hear Limonia is still there and still good -- it was a great favorite and regular haunt of ours when I lived there 12 years ago. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

          2. I went to Market a month or so ago.It was small and the staff were friendly. We went on a Sunday and all had roasts which were really nice. If in Camden i would go back, but i wouldnt go out of my way. It was a little expensive for a sunday roast, but i dont know of many good roasts in london........