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Jul 5, 2008 05:47 PM

Ocean Avenue Grill - Sea Bright, NJ

Anyone else been? We were there tonight and found great service, a great location, but terrible food. The fish didn't taste fresh and the crab cakes were overly seasoned. They seemed to be serving the one time tourist, rather than a repeat customer. As locals we want to try the new places (found the same situation at Ross's Dockside down the street), but it seems like it's a better option to stick to tried and true favorites - especially when these new places aren't exactly cheap.

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  1. Serving "one-time tourists" in a town like Sea Bright is a death sentence. In order to have staying power a restaurant in this town must appeal to the locals as well as the tourists. So many restaurants have come and gone in Sea Bright, with very few making it successfully over the long haul of the last 20 years.

    1. I haven't tried it, If you want really good fish, head over the bridge to Navesink Fishery. There is no atmosphere to speak of, but the food and service are excellent and the fish is really fresh. We were there two weeks ago and had wonderful sauteed soft shells and Chilean sea bass with fresh asparagus on the side. Delish. Don't bother with the desserts. They import them from a bakery in Atlantic Highlands and they are mediocre at best. I'm surprised that they haven't switched over to the Flaky Tart since it is practically walking distance from the Fishery and has absolutely the best baked goods in the area.

      1. I'm a local, and I was excited for the new opening of The Ocean Ave Gill because the location is just so wonderful. First time there I just had a glass of wine and some raw bar shrimp at the side bar. The atmosphere was perfect. Great singer, right on the water, boaters having cocktails on their decks. Reminded me of the keys. But I was very disappointed in the slimy, over priced raw bar shrimp. My boyfriend and I gave it another chance last Friday night and sat down for a full dinner. I was much happier with our seafood specials. Not the quality of The Inlet Cafe or Bay Ave, but we felt the fish was fresh and simply prepared. We'll definitely be visiting again this summer.

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