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Jul 5, 2008 05:28 PM


Who is the best chef in town?

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  1. I am. Just kidding. I'll say Adolfo Garcia. Also I have yet to eat at Stella, that is scheduled for later this month (come on stimulus check!).

    1. I'd say Besh is the best, but lately McPhail is my favorite. Besh seems to be the most creative, but I find his dishes don't work well sometimes. However, I'm always surprised when I eat at August, and I give him major kudos for that.

      Commander's dishes are right up my alley, though. It's like upscale comfort food.

      I'm going to have to disagree with mrsfury. Although Rio Mar is good and I've eaten there probably more often than any place in the city the last couple years, he's not the best chef by any measure. My main complaint is that the menu is stagnant. It never changed for several years. Even the specials got repetitive. They added some stuff a while back, but it's still pretty much the same ole same ole. He just doesn't do enough different stuff often enough to be at the top. But don't get me wrong, I love rio mar, but I know exactly what's going to happen when I get there.

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          I agree with most of what you said but at LaBoca they change the pasta dishes. Rio Mar - no changes that I am aware of. I would have said Chris DeBarr but he is currently unemployed. He changed his menu often. Have not been to Commander's in about 9 months but every time I've been I have had a wonderful dinner.

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            I have it from a reliable source that he will be cooking at Tales of the Cocktail later this month

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              IMO Garcia is a good COOK, not in the league of CHEFS such as Besh, Boswell or Iacovone let alone, someone like Daniel Boulud.

          2. I have to put my vote in for Boswell. If any of you watch After Hours With Daniel Boulud, I loved Boswell trying to describe his cuisine, though the conversation was the least interesting of the 5 NO episodes.

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            1. re: mikek

              What channel is "After Hours" on? I would love to see this.

                1. re: mtleahy

                  It's on the MOJO HD channel. I dined at Stella! the night the show was shot back in January. Everything was tiptop when we were there and Chef Boswell greeted us at the door. It was a fantastic evening!

                  1. re: squeakypeaches

                    Is the MOJO HD channel only something you can get on-line or is it through cable or direct tv?

                    1. re: mtleahy

                      We get MOJO as one of the HD channels through our cable company here in Oklahoma. *edited because I didn't see the hulu link above*

                      1. re: squeakypeaches

                        Thanks for the info. I grew up in Broken Bow and OKC and am a graduate of OU, my parents live in Shawnee. Nice to see a fellow Okie on the NOLA board : )

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                          Ahhh...very good...I'm from Northwest Oklahoma and I work for OSU.

                  2. re: mtleahy

                    Cox has it on channel 751. Unfortunately, I have direct tv and must watch online.

                2. Good question, but it's probably heavily dependent on the reviewer, and their personal prefs. Chef A might have X stars, and Chef B may have won Iron Chef Whatever, while Chef C could well be featured in "Departures," "Food & Wine," and have gotten mention in "Wine Spectator." Still, it's all about the reviewer at that moment.

                  IN NOLA, I'm with Chef Frank Birgtsen, but give a big tip o' the hat to Chef John Besh. However, that is very personal, so it might not work for you.

                  BTW, Chef Pattie Constitine should be mentioned, as her cuisine has always wow'ed me, but she's not doing anything, except her catering business. Still, her talents count - at least for me.


                  1. Well, at the risk of having this posted twice, I'll write it again. CH has gotten really bad at getting posts up. I promised to do everything in WordPerfect, so I did not have to type, but it was getting late, so I trusted the server - big mistake, as usual, with the CH server.

                    Here we go again:

                    It is up to the personal tastes of the reviewer. Still, my votes go for:
                    Chef Frank Brigtsen, Chef Besh, and Chef Pattie Constitine, who is doing catering now. What I wanted to add was wife's vote for Chef Boswell.

                    If this appears twice, then just add Boswell.


                    [Edit] looks like at least one made it up - this one. Who knows if it'll stick around for even a second, or two. CH needs to address their server problems, which have been on-going for three months now, or risk loosing the poster, who keep this site going.