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Jul 5, 2008 05:13 PM

Newport RI

My wife and I are heading to Newport RI next month. We will be looking for some great restaurants, any suggestions?

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  1. theres alot of restaurants in newport,what are you looking for?maybe try searching,put just a little effort,were no mindreaders.......

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      you need to get on another blog .. thanks for you help!!!

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        I agree with im_hungry. We need some parameters to get the OP the best eats possible! :)

      2. Peurini's, great Italian. Lunch at Spiced Pear is nice because the view is beautiful, food good also. We like the Clarke Cooke House, great atmosphere, very good food, NICE sushi bar in the summer. We like Restaurant Lucia & Mama Louisa, both Italian ish great food, Restaurant Lucia is BYOB. New restaurant that i have not been to but heard great things about is Spark on Broadway, BYOB. The West Deck, very nice restaurant, good food. I do not eat seafood but my friends love Scales & Shells. Good luck! Do tell where you end up!!

        1. White Horse Tavern. Romantic, upscale, delicious............

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            White Horse was the go to for parents weekend and other events many years ago when I attended boarding school in Newport. Brunch was particularly good.

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              went to white horse last summer after not going there in a few years,and the quality of food had really slide downward.the beef wellington was like a piece of leather,everything was just plain bad,a real disapointment.that said,were big fans of the black pearl,scales and shells,zeldas,even brick alley.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Looking for good places? There are SO many good places around Newport (I went to school there). If you are looking for seafood, head towards First Beach and look for Flo's Clamshack on the left, GREAT food! Looking for that pub atmosphere, Go with Brick Alley Pub (touristy, but good) or Yesterdays (Great beer selection!). Looking for good pizza? Best around there a few years ago was Rocco's on Broadway. Scales and Shells is a good idea as well.

              A little brief, a little vague, but that is all you get with your question :)